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Dodge Ram 2500 Mirror

Common Causes of Top Dodge Ram 2500 Mirror Problems

Every component of your Dodge Ram 2500 truck is built to withstand the rigors of everyday off-road driving. The truck is also equipped with reliable safety features that guarantee the driver's driving comfort and protection against potential road accidents. One good example of these safety mechanisms is the Dodge Ram 2500 mirror assembly. Your truck's side- and rear-view mirrors are designed to give you the best possible view of everything around you while you're driving. Aside from providing a clear view of your sides and rear, your truck's mirror assembly has additional features that aim to enhance your driving experience. But over time, probably due to excessive use, your truck's mirrors deteriorate and fail. Here are the top problems associated with Dodge Ram 2500 mirrors and the common culprits behind them:

Loose mirrors

One of the most common problems of Dodge Ram 2500 manual-folding side-view mirrors is their tendency to suddenly fold in, especially during high-speed driving. Many truck owners complain that as they go beyond 35 mph, their truck's foldable side-view mirrors "flop" against the windows, producing loud banging noises as they continue to drive. This is not only annoying but also very dangerous for the driver since he loses sight of the other vehicles around him. This folding mirror dilemma is actually caused by a couple of loose screws inside the side-view mirror, which lost their tension after some time. In order to fix this, you just need to re-tighten the bolts on the round swing arm of the side-view mirrors.

Mirror heater failure

Some Dodge Ram 2500 mirrors have a heating feature, which is supposed to help keep the side-view mirrors warm and moisture-free and prevent them from becoming frozen during winter. However, these heated mirrors tend to fail at some point. This failure is sometimes caused by a faulty heater switch. In case this problem happens to your truck's mirrors, try replacing the switch with a new one. If this doesn't work, check the mirrors' electrical connections and fuse. The heater malfunction might be the result of a blown-up or burnt fuse or a short circuit in the wiring harness.

Malfunctioning power adjustment feature

If you are one of the many Dodge Ram 2500 owners who are having trouble with their power side-view mirrors, you might want to check the control switch located near the steering wheel. If the switch is fine, another possible culprit would be the electrical wirings that transport the power from the source to the switch and the side-view mirrors.

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  • Important Things to Remember in Keeping Your Dodge Ram 2500 Mirror in Good Shape

    Maintaining a clean and damage-free Dodge Ram 2500 mirror assembly is a must, especially if you want to keep the badass look of your robust truck. A well-maintained mirror assembly also allows you to easily monitor the activities of other vehicles around you, so you can adjust your truck's movements accordingly. Since this safety feature is vital to your Dodge Ram 2500's overall dynamics, you must keep it in excellent condition at all times. To help you out, here are a couple of things to remember in keeping your truck's mirrors in tiptop shape:

    Clean your mirrors regularly.

    Your side- and rear-view mirrors let you see the areas surrounding your vehicle without the need to turn your head around. Since your Dodge Ram 2500 mirrors are basically the extensions of your eyes, they should be free from dirt, dust, bird poop, bug residue, and watermarks. A regular soap-and-water solution will do, but if you want to go the extra mile, you can also opt to buy a special mirror cleaner online or from your local car accessories store. In cleaning the mirror assembly, you need to remember that apart from the mirrors themselves, you also need to get rid of the dirt on the mirror housings' surface and interior.

    Always examine the mirrors for damage.

    Your Dodge truck's side-view mirrors are strategically located outside the vehicle to cover the blind spots. Because of this, they are very much susceptible to rust accumulation, corrosion, and damage caused by road accidents. Your mirrors' vulnerability to these elements is the primary reason why it is advisable for you to examine the mirrors at least once a week to ensure that they are not broken or damaged in any way. When you see even the smallest crack in one of your mirrors, you must replace it immediately to avoid further trouble.

    Check the mirrors' screws and wirings.

    If your Dodge Ram 2500 mirrors have additional features, it is important to check them regularly if they are still working as they should. For folding mirrors, check if the bolts that secure the unit in place are tight. This will prevent the side-view mirrors from folding, especially when you are driving fast on the freeway. For power and heated mirrors, always examine the control switch and the wirings if they are all functioning well. Electrical wires tend to get damaged when exposed to too much rain or snow. If you think there is something wrong with any of these components, have it replaced as soon as possible.