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Dodge Ram 2500 Power Steering Hose

Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup Power Steering Hose

Just like your Dodge Ram 2500 pickup, its power steering hoses are designed for heavy-duty applications. But despite that, the hoses will eventually become worn out, thus affecting the entire power steering system's function. Below are the common problems that you may encounter with your Dodge Ram 2500 pickup power steering hose:


In time, Dodge Ram 2500 pickup power steering hoses can start to dry and develop cracks. This won't be immediately noticeable unless you regularly inspect your pickup's hoses. Naturally, cracks can lead to power steering fluid leaks within the system. But as said above, even the leaks probably won't be easily noticeable unless the cracks are big enough to let out significant amounts of power steering fluid. Now, you must be thinking that there must be a way to seal the cracks. The problem with that is you may miss cracks that aren't readily visible. The only way to go in this situation is to replace the problematic hose altogether.

Sponge-like feel and holes

Since your Dodge Ram 2500 pickup's engine area is packed with various automotive parts, it's pretty much inevitable for these components to come into contact with one another. The power steering hose is among the parts that are subjected to such conditions. With constant contact with other automotive parts, the hose may become quite spongy or develop holes on its sides. If the hose isn't replaced right away, the sponginess and the holes will worsen, which can lead to the hose bursting while you drive. This is because the hose can't contain the pressure anymore. And when pressure escapes from the system, steering would become considerably harder for you. Again the only solution is a brand-new power steering hose.


This usually manifests after working on your Dodge Ram 2500 pickup's power steering system. The power steering hose may be crimped at one end, thus causing the peeling on its back. There's no need to replace anything when this happens as a peeled hose can be easily fixed.

The power steering hose ends are starting to come off

The ends of a power steering hose may start to come off after several years of driving your Dodge Ram 2500 pickup. The only way to identify this is by inspecting the hose itself. In this case, you don't have to replace the hose altogether as there are automotive parts sellers that offer replacements for a power steering hose end.

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  • Helpful Tips in Maintaining Your Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup's Power Steering Hose in Tip-Top Shape

    Since your Dodge Ram 2500 is built like a rock, you probably expect its components to be as hard-wearing as the pickup itself. Well, you wouldn't be disappointed if that was what you were thinking. The Dodge Ram was made for heavy-duty applications such as off-roading, thus its parts were designed to support such functions. The Dodge Ram 2500 pickup's power steering hose is one of its components that you can expect to last for a very long time. However, it wouldn't last that long if you don't put a bit of effort into its maintenance. Below are some tips on how to keep your Dodge Ram 2500 pickup's power steering hose in tip-top shape:

    • Periodically replace the power steering fluid.
    • You won't have to replace the power steering fluid on a regular basis but you'll have to do it at some point. In time, particles such as rubber and metal will find their way into the fluid. Sludge, acid, and fuel can get mixed in your supply of power steering fluid as well. Any of those substances won't do your Dodge Ram 2500 pickup's power steering hoses any good. The contaminated fluid will only cause damage to your hoses and break them down gradually. With that said, it's recommended that you flush out your old supply of power steering fluid and replace it with a fresh batch every time you replace the power steering components. This way, you'll be saving a lot of time and effort by accomplishing two things at the same time.
    • Make sure that your power steering hose is attached properly at all times.
    • Every time you tinker with your Dodge Ram 2500's power steering system or install a new power steering hose, make sure that the hose is always attached correctly. One end of the hose may peel off if it's crimped, which may have been caused by improper installation or accidental adjustment. That can affect the performance of the power steering system. Fortunately, the hose can be readjusted without much difficulty.
    • Regularly check for signs of damage or wearing out.
    • Cracks, holes, and a sponge-like feel in the power steering hose are all signs of damage and wearing out. Replace the hose right away once any of those have popped up. Checking for those signs regularly will save you from the hassle of having to drive with a faulty power steering system.