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Dodge Ram 3500 Tail Lights

Usual Indicators of Dodge Ram 3500 Tail Lights Going South

Your tail lights are special safety features that let other drivers know of the presence of your pickup especially during the night. Without these lights, countless more accidents would have occurred on the road. Additionally, the presence of these red running lights on every automobile is required by the law. Needless to say, your tail lights are important car parts that you should keep an eye on. You should know when they are already in bad shape so you can immediately fix or replace them. Following are some signs that would help you in determining faulty Dodge Ram 3500 tail lights:

One of your tail lights not working

One of the most common issues with your tail lights is when one of the assemblies does not light up. This can cause confusion on the road especially at night as your pickup can be mistaken for a motorcycle with just one assembly working. This problem is commonly caused by a bad wiring wherein the bulb on the problematic assembly is not getting any voltage from your electrical system.

Both tail lights not working

If both your tail lights are failing, it may be caused by a bad ground. The problem can be caused by a bad relay. When you experience this issue, check your relay with a voltmeter and make sure current is flowing well into the wires. The relay may have corroded, limiting voltage distribution into the tail lights.

Bulbs keep on blowing

Your Dodge Ram 3500 tail lights have circuit boards that are not found on most vehicles. These circuit boards are located at the back of the assemblies and hold the bulbs instead of the sockets on other vehicles. Over time, the circuit boards can go bad and blow up a bulb. When this happens, the bulb on a particular location would continue to blow up even after replacing it for several times.

Dim tail lights

Another common issue with your tail light is weak emission of light. Over time, due to constant use and corrosion, the tail light bulb can go bad and emit dim light that is almost unrecognizable during the day. When this happens, the bulb needs to be replaced.

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  • Proper Care for Your Dodge Ram 3500 Tail Lights

    While your bulky vehicle can be easy to spot during the day, it may not be as visible during the night especially in a poorly lit road. It is very important to make other drivers know the presence of your pickup to avoid collision. This is where the tail lights come in. These red running lights located at the rear of your truck function as signals that tell the motorists behind you to slow down or keep their distance. Because of this, you need to take good care of these lights. Here is how:

    Regularly check the electrical components of the tail lights.

    The tail lights work with the electrical system of your truck. The slightest issue with the electrical components linked to the tail lights can affect their operations. Poor ground is a common problem. It can be caused by faults in different components such as the bulb, fuse, relay, and wires.

    Spray silicone around the circuit board from time to time.

    Corrosion is a common culprit behind problems with the tail lights. One of the usual components that corrodes is the circuit board, which holds the bulbs of the tail lights. Spraying silicone on the board regularly can help reduce the possibility of corrosion and prolong the service life of the tail lights.

    Never touch the glass part of bulbs when replacing them.

    The bulbs in any light assembly in your truck are very sensitive. When replacing them, it is recommended to avoid touching the glass portion. Your hands leave traces of oil or grease that heats up once the bulbs are lighted up. This increases the temperature and reduces the service life of the bulbs of your Dodge Ram 3500 tail lights. As a good practice, wear gloves in replacing your bulbs.

    Mind the moisture inside your Dodge Ram 3500 tail lights.

    An infamous issue with the tail lights is moisture formation inside the assembly lenses. This can be a serious problem because water droplets in large amounts can damage the bulbs or cause corrosion of the circuit board. With this, you need to remove the condensed moisture from the assemblies as soon as possible. This can be done through the use of hair dryer or by simply having your tail light on.