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Dodge Ram 3500 Window Crank

How to Diagnose Common Dodge Ram 3500 Window Crank Problems

Manual windows need a crank to roll the windows up and down. Your Dodge Ram 3500 window crank serves this purpose, and serves it well. There are times when a window crank fails, but fortunately, given the right tools, diagnosing and fixing defective window cranks is easy enough to do. Sometimes, it's enough to turn the crank several times to fix the problem-it might have been just a simple misalignment. However, to be able to check what is wrong, you will have to remove the crank to dig deeper. Here are some common problems with manual window cranks and how to diagnose their causes properly:

The crank is stuck and won't let me roll the windows up or down.

The plastic crank has teeth that bite onto a corresponding gear, which in turn relates the crank's movement to a brace that raises or lowers the window. A crank that won't move probably has a gear that's not well-lubricated. To check if this is the case, you will have to remove the window crank by wedging a flathead screwdriver between the door panel and the crank. A clip is located there-sometimes, a plastic disc is present as well-and you should hear a click once you have successfully detached the crank. Apply some lubricant on both the gear left on the door panel and the crank's teeth.

The crank won't continuously and consistently raise or lower windows.

You turn the crank several times and there is very little motion response on the windows. They don't roll up or down continuously, and you begin to wonder if you need to replace your crank. In this case, the teeth on the plastic window crank might be worn. The worn part of the crank's teeth will not bite onto the gear that moves the window, causing very little transfer of motion from the crank to the window. This problem requires you to increase the effort you put into turning the crank. Detach the crank and inspect its teeth for any broken or worn parts. Replace the part if necessary.

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  • Maintaining Your Dodge Ram 3500 Window Crank in Top Shape

    A window crank is needed by a manual window system to roll windows up or down. Caring for a window crank may mean you'll have to go as far as removing the door panel to clean its components inside. Dirt and grime might not cause immediate damage but might destroy car parts slowly over time. Most door panels are attached by plastic clips and screws anyway, so removing them will not take that much time and effort. However, there are simpler ways you can care for window cranks, and here are some of those you can do on a regular basis:

    Don't use too much force when turning the crank.

    Use the right amount of force when turning the window crank. The handle is made of plastic and can break with excessive force. Once your window is all the way up or down, don't force the crank any more than its allowed revolution. This may damage the gears and make the crank's teeth wear out quicker.

    Lubricate and clean the gear box and the crank's exterior.

    It is easy enough to remove the window crank, so detach it when you can to be able to clean it. Allot some time to clearing the crank of dirt, dust, and other substances when you are doing interior cleaning. These substances may, in time, cause damage to the crank. Remove the crank and apply some lubricant on both the gear on the door panel and the crank's teeth. Use a soft wire brush and a solvent such as kerosene to remove any substances that have accumulated on the gearbox.

    Use a window crank removal tool when detaching a crank.

    If you want to safely clean or replace a window crank, use a window crank tool. This is usually included in aftermarket replacement window kits. Using a screwdriver or a utility knife to remove the crank might damage the plastic disc that goes in between the crank and the door panel. A window crank tool can safely disengage the clip that attaches the crank to the door.