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Dodge W150 Hood

Common Issues with Your Dodge W150 Hood

Your hood is the hinged cover placed on top of the engine of your pickup truck. This covering allows access to the engine compartment so you would not find it hard to repair and maintain the different parts on the engine bay. Your hood also protects these internal parts from road dirt, dust, and rainfall that may contaminate them. It is rare to have issues with your hood. However, once you experience these problems, you need to immediately address them. Following are the symptoms that tell you to check your hood:

Stuck hood latch

Your hood is secured by a latch mechanism that does not open unless you pull the hood release handle on the driver's seat of your truck. Bad lubrication causes the mechanism to get stuck. Smooth connection is required between the release handle and the latch on your hood. They are connected by a release cable and a secondary latch. Somewhere along the way, there may be a rough connection that makes the latch stuck.

Stuck hood

Your hood gets stuck when the release cable that connects the hood release lever and your hood's latch snaps. This does not allow the movement from the handle to reach the latch on your hood. A snapped hood release cable may be caused by lack in lubrication and rust. With this, you need to replace the broken cable and make sure the new is properly lubricated and protected from moisture.

Rattling Dodge W150 hood

When your engine is running, your problematic hood rattles. This is an obvious sign that the covering is attached loosely. Worn hinges are the culprits of this problem. Over time, these hinges deteriorate and loosen. In the worst case, these hinges deteriorate to the point of disappearing. When you experience these vibrations, you need to replace your hood's hinges.

Rust and corrosion

Since your hood is located right in front of your truck, it is prone to many road conditions and many elements. These cause the hood to corrode little by little and develop rust. When you see a small portion of corrosion or rust, immediately deal with it. This would prevent the problem from getting worse to the point where you do not have any choice but to buy a new Dodge W150 hood.

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  • Keeping Your Dodge W150 Hood in Top Condition

    Your pickup truck's hood functions in two ways. First, it protects your engine and other important components in the engine bay. Second, it helps aesthetically as it is located right in front of your vehicle. A damaged hood limits you access to the engine and the other parts it protects. As an effect, you would not be able to fix any problem immediately. More so, it may even make your truck unpleasant to the eyes if it is dented or scratched. With this, you need to protect this part from such problems.

    Make it a habit to lubricate your hood latch mechanism.

    Smooth connection among the hood latch mechanism's components is required to make sure your hood opens and closes whenever you need it to. It ensures proper transmission of motion from the hood release handle on your driver's seat to the actual latch located on your hood. With this, you need to regularly check the latch mechanism and spray lubricating oil or lithium grease on its components. It is advisable to do this every time you have your motor oil changed.

    Fix scratches as soon as possible.

    Your hood is located right in front of your truck. Because of your pickup's activities, it may receive a scratch that you may not notice immediately. This tiny damage can result in a serious rust problem. With this, be more conscious on your hood's surface and immediately fix any sign of scratch or damage.

    Rust-proof your Dodge W150 hood.

    Moisture and rainfall are the main agents of rust even though your hood is painted. With this, you need to further ensure that your hood is protected from these elements. A handy trick a lot of vehicle owners do is mixing a cup of kerosene with three gallons of water. When this solution is gently sponged onto the surface of your hood, water would simply bead and roll off your hood.

    Protect the paint of your Dodge W150 hood.

    Aside from giving a sleek look to the front side of your truck, the paint on your hood provides a protective layer against rust and corrosion of the metal material. With this, you need to make sure your hood's paint lasts. You can do this by applying a paint protection film on the surface of your hood.