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Ford Crown Victoria Corner Lights

Three Troubleshooting Tips for your Ford Crown Victoria Corner Lights

Driving at night on your Ford Crown Victoria with flickering or dim corner lights could be very risky; your sedan could also be an eyesore to the other drivers who are depending on your lights to know which direction you are going to. Corner lights, just like any automotive lighting, wear out too due to frequent use. So before you end up in a road accident due to your faulty corner lights, we advise that you take note of our troubleshooting tips for your Ford Crown Victoria corner lights:

Corner lights flicker and dim.

So you are driving after dark and you noticed that your corner lights are flickering like never before. Just like your headlights, the corner light assembly of your vehicle might be having some issues with the fuse or the electricity. You can check the fuse box for any blown fuse that could cause the lights to flicker. Inspect for any busted bulb or a worn-out part. Sooner or later, the corner lights will eventually quit and burn out. Replace the defective parts immediately before you hit the road again.

Corner lights are out.

If the corner lights are out, might as well check if the assembly receives the right amount of electricity it requires to operate. Look for any blown fuse or exposed wires in the fuse box under your dashboard. This is a common corner light problem, and the usual culprit is a blown fuse. If the fuses are working just fine, check the steering wheel switch for any sign of premature wear. You can also check if the corner light bulbs are still okay and their filaments are still intact. Replace any broken bulb if necessary.

Corner lights won't turn off.

If your corner lights seem to enjoy the ride and won't turn off, and it requires you to disconnect the battery just to put it off, then there might be something wrong with the light switch. Check the pins and the other parts located at the back of the switch for signs of damage. Replace any defective or broken part to restore your corner lights' functionality.

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  • Three Easy Tricks to Maintain your Ford Crown Victoria Corner Lights 27 February 2013

    Your Ford Crown Victoria's corner lights are as essential as its headlights and tail lights. They serve as signal to other drivers whenever you are turning or switching lanes. But due to frequent use, the bulbs may burn out, the fuses may blow out, and the lenses may wear out. Keeping the corner light assembly in good condition is the least that you can do to prolong its service life. Here are some simple and easy tips on how you can keep your Ford Crown Victoria corner lights in proper working order:

    Polish them regularly.

    Just like your vehicle's headlights, the corner lights could also use a little polishing once a year. Over time, dirt and water residue can accumulate on the lenses and make it look dimmer. Clean your lenses regularly using mild cleanser and water. With the lenses clean and dried, mask off the area of the lenses that needs to be polished. Sand the masked area and apply polishing compound. Wax the lenses using a paste car wax. You'll be surprised on how shiny your corner lights would be.

    Replace burnt out bulbs.

    If one of your corner lights starts to flicker, better check the bulb and its components for any damage. Once the filament of the bulb is already busted, you need to replace the entire bulb if you want to restore your corner lights. Remove the corner light from the vehicle and replace the bulb. There are several auto parts stores online that offer affordable but high-quality corner light bulbs that will directly fit in your car.

    Clean the insides of the lenses.

    Whenever you drive your car during the wet season, its automotive lightings are all exposed to condensation. Water could easily penetrate inside the lights, especially if the seals are starting to wear out. You can surround the lenses with two layers of Teflon tape to keep the water from coming inside the lenses. You can also add some silicone sealant to the seals for added protection. To remove the condensation buildup inside the lenses, you can either bake it or use a blower to dry it.