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Ford E-450 Parts and Ford E-450 Accessories

Six Interesting Facts about the Ford E-450

  • The term "E-450" was introduced by Ford in 2001 as part of the then new E-Series lineup of full-sized vans which includes the E-150, E-250, and E-350 models. The American car company previously used the names Econoline and Econoline Wagon for the vans they manufactured since the early 60s. Interestingly enough, Ford assigned a different name for the vehicles shipped to Canada from 1961 to 1967. The van was called the Mercury Econoline.

  • Ford's E-Series, where the Ford E-450 is currently featured, has been the best-selling American full-sized van since the 1980s. It currently holds almost 80 percent of the full-sized van market in the United States. From 2002 to 2010, over a million units of the E-Series vans were sold in the U.S. alone.

  • One outstanding feature of the Ford E-450 is its towing capacity of up to 20,000 pounds or 9,076 kilograms. Aside from being used as a tow vehicle, the E-450 is also modified into different types of vehicles. It is commonly used as a motor home, an ambulance, a news van, and even a school bus. It was reported that 95 percent of E-Series units has been sold for commercial purpose and fleet-end users.

  • In the movie S.W.A.T. that was released in 2003, two Ford Econoline vehicles have been featured in two separate action scenes. The first was a 1983 Econoline used as a news van, and the second was a 1992 model used as an ambulance. Although the camera shots didn't clearly focus on the vehicles, their side markers and badges suggested that the vans were either an E-350 or E-450.

  • The cargo area of the Ford E-450 features a double-wall design which makes the exterior sheet metal of the vehicle stronger against any damage. In spite of that, the Cutaway Series of the E-450 is still the widely selected and modified for law enforcement vehicles.

  • The second generation of the Ford E-450 manufactured in the early 70s changed the way full-sized vans were designed. From the previous flat-nose look, the E-450 was reshaped with the engine moved all the way in front under a short hood. This design is still prominent with Ford E-450 models today.

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  • Ford E-450 Problems

    One of the trims of Ford's E-Series, the Ford E-450 has come a long way from its first generation that began in the 1960s. Five decades and three generations later, the E-450 is still as strong and popular as it was before, and it has already established itself as the best-selling American full-sized van. Despite of the vehicle's success over the years, there are some problems that came along with its production. Here are some issues of the Ford E-450 that car owners should be aware of:

    Vehicle speed control

    The defective vehicle speed control was a common problem not only for the Ford E-450 but among other Ford vehicles like the Explorer, Excursion, and Ranger. The root cause was traced to the speed control deactivation switch which had the potential to leak internally, overheat, and then smoke or burn afterwards. As a result, a vehicle fire may happen even when it's not turned on.

    In 2009, Ford made a safety recall for the vehicles affected by this issue. The company informed the car owners that the dealers will inspect the vehicles and install a fused wiring harness for the deactivation switch. Ford also mentioned that the dealers will also repair the ABS control module.

    Engine cooling system

    Another problem that was experienced with the Ford E-450 was a malfunctioning engine cooling system. The air filter element used in the engine cooling system of certain vans was prone to burning particularly on hot driving conditions. This happens when hot carbon particles make contact with the air filter element causing the element to ignite. The result can be damage in the vehicle's air induction system or worse, it can set fire under the hood.

    Ford issued a recall of E-450 models in 2004 and the dealers replaced the air filter element of the vehicles. The warranty of the ABS module was also extended to three months.

    Electrical wiring

    This problem with the Ford E-450's electrical wiring has only affected a little over 180,000 units. However, it is a critical issue because drivers may experience stalling without warning while driving on the road. The affected vehicles were recalled in July 2005 and the fuel injection control module wire harness were either upgraded or replaced. A new injection control pressure sensor connector was installed in the vehicles free of charge.