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Ford E450 Power Programmer

Symptoms of Serious Trouble with Your Ford E-450 Power Programmer

Whether your Ford E-450 is a full-sized van or if it's a customized vehicle built on the stripped chassis model-variant, you can use a power programmer on it as long as you've got an OnBoard Diagnostics II (OBD-II) port. This plug-and-play device comes in handy when you want to optimize your engine's performance as well as your fuel efficiency. However, you might notice some out-of-the-ordinary signs that you might notice during the programming process or after you've programmed your vehicle. Read on to find out which of these signs mean serious trouble for your Ford E-450 power programmer:

Numerical discrepancies

When your programmer is showing numbers that are different from one another or from what you know about your vehicle, then you aren't necessarily looking at a problem, just a discrepancy. For instance, the flywheel and wheel power numbers on your programmer will be different because your engine will produce a certain amount of power that your wheels may not receive due to drive train loss. The same loss can also cause a discrepancy between Ford's horsepower numbers and your engine's own rear wheel horsepower.

Flashing lights and codes

You don't need to panic when your dashboard starts flashing up like Times Square in December. This occurrence is just part of the tuning process since the programmer is supposed to calibrate your engine settings after all. If trouble codes show up on the OBD scanner shortly after you plug it in, then there are issues with your Ford E-450 that you need to deal with before using the power programmer. As long as you don't disrupt the programming process, your vehicle will be fine. Interruptions can crash your vehicle's computer, making the entire E-450 inoperable.

Strange engine sounds

When your engine starts sounding like a rattling metal popcorn maker while you accelerate heavily, back off the throttle, park quickly, and call your dealer. Your engine could be pinging or detonating. This serious problem could be caused by forgetting to change the fuel type that's factored into your programmer. Your engine was running on a premium fuel tuning mod instead of a regular fuel-tuning mode.

  • Making the Most of Your Ford E-450 Power Programmer 04 March 2014

    There are so many ways that you can enhance your Ford E-450. Quite apart from custom building over the stripped chassis option, you can also get a variety of performance parts, including a power programmer. By simply plugging it to your OnBoard Diagnostics (OBD) port and pressing a few buttons, you can start playing around in a vehicle with an optimized engine performance and better fuel efficiency. Make the most out of your Ford E-450 power programmer by following these simple tips:

    • Charge up your battery

      Make sure that you've got your battery fully charged before you introduce the programmer to your E-450 for the first time. Plug the battery into its charger the night before you plan to do your first calibration, leave it there for a few hours, and you should be good to go. Whenever you want to use your programmer, remember that you need enough juice in your battery so you don't get a mistaken reading from your programmer, or worse, a computer crash due to a drop in voltage.

    • Calibrate your shift points

      Some programmers can offer you adjustable shift points that can enhance your experience of the E-450's five-speed automatic transmission. You can calibrate this according to your preferences by simply pressing a button or two. Start with the programmer's stock shift points on the 1-2 shift first. Then, adjust it up or down in 100 rpm increments so you can find what feels right for you.

    • Change your E-450 for better fuel efficiency

      Engines need to mix air and fuel together to power your Ford E-450. So, it makes sense that you need to get more air into your engine and then pulling it out quickly so that it can bump up your fuel efficiency. Depending on your budget, you can get an affordable high-flow air filter, replace your exhaust system with performance parts, or do both in order to keep more fuel in the E-450's 55 gallon tank. You can also add more miles to every gallon by dropping weight from your Ford. Remove the parts you don't need to use right now (like that trailer hitch) and clean out the back. Just make sure you re-calibrate your programmer every time you change up your parts so that it can calculate the best fuel intake for your 4.5-liter engine.