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Ford Escape Strut Assembly

Find Out the Culprit of a Faulty Ford Escape Strut Assembly

The strut assembly of the car plays a great role in handling the performance and providing a comfortable ride for you and your passengers. But just like any other parts of the vehicle, it will eventually wear out in due time. If you feel like there's something wrong with your Ford Escape strut assembly, inspect it right away. Here are some useful troubleshooting tips you can use to diagnose the problem of your car's strut assembly.

Rattling sound

Take your Ford Escape for a test drive and take note the noises you hear. If there's a rattling or loose sound, then it means that you have a bad strut assembly. This can be heard whenever you drive over bumps or road patches or when you turn a corner. This is caused by the inner strut assembly smacking against the outer one.

Leaks from the strut assembly

Just like worn-out shock absorbers, the strut assembly leaks when it's damaged. The assembly uses hydraulic-type fluid to create the needed force and tension to give ample car suspension. If the strut assembly is busted, cracks could appear in the body or just around the seals, which can cause the hydraulic fluid to seep out.

Rebound test

There's such a thing called rebound test. This is to discover whether or not the strut assembly is in good condition. Have your Ford Escape parked on a level ground and make sure to set the emergency brake. To perform the test, step on the front bumper and bounce the car up and down. After several times of doing this step, take your foot off the bumper and study the automobile. If it bounces up and down more than two times, then it's an indication that the strut assembly is defective and must be replaced with a new one.

Tire condition

Another way to tell that the strut assembly is bad is the tire condition. If there's scalping in the rubber, then it definitely means that the assembly has given up and can longer keep your tires firmly in contact to the ground. Don't just check the front; inspect the rear tires as well because your rear strut assembly may also need to be replaced.

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  • Taking Care of Your Ford Escape Strut Assembly

    The strut assembly of your car lets you handle the vehicle better to be able to give the best comfort to your passengers. Overtime, getting the Ford Escape strut assembly worn is inevitable especially if you drive on rough road most of the time. However, instead of replacing it from time to time, you can always prevent it to wear out sooner. Here are some tips on how to maintain proper upkeep for your strut assembly.

    • Schedule a regular inspection.

      Basically, the strut assembly should be inspected once a year to find out if it needs to be replaced or not. Ideally, it should be done alongside a wheel alignment. To increase the lifespan of your Ford Escape strut assembly, you better take your automobile to a mechanic annually for regular checkup.

    • Regularly drive your Ford Escape.

      If you don't drive your vehicle very often, the strut assembly could freeze and won't function anymore. Because of lack of use, it can affect the performance of your car and you might have to install new ones. So, make sure that you regularly drive your Ford Escape to keep the strut assembly in good shape.

    • Be careful when replacing the strut assembly.

      A strut assembly is a bit complicated to replace. There are a lot of other parts that you have to install to complete the whole assembly. If you're an expert DIYer, then replacing this won't be a problem. However, if you're still a novice, you can't afford to do trial-and-errors on your strut assembly. So, go ahead and ask an expert mechanic to install your new assembly.

    • Replace both rear and front.

      When replacing the strut assembly, make sure not to replace only the front or the rear. Instead, do both sides. Why? Since your front assembly gave up on you, the rear one was stressed out and was compensating the performance that the front one should've been doing. So, when you go the mechanic to get the front strut assembly replaced, make sure that you also get the rear one checked in case it also needs to be switched to a new one.