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Ford Expedition Bumpers

Diagnosing the Problems of Your Ford Expedition Bumpers

As the automotive parts located at the extremes of your SUV, the bumpers have been designed to help protect your Expedition's from minor accidents. This safety feature can absorb the impact of a small collision, preserving your lights and other car parts as well as possibly mitigating injuries to any pedestrian involved. They consist of a bumper frame, crush absorber, bumper guard, and many other components hidden by the bumper cover. Because of this design, a lot of things can go wrong with your Ford Expedition bumpers. You can find out the cause of the problem and what to do about it by being aware of the symptoms that they present. Here's how you can diagnose these signs:

Issues with the bumper cover's paint job

Many Ford Expedition owners have reported that they have experienced issues with their bumper cover's paint. If you're seeing a lot of tiny patches of bare steel that's turning red with rust, it could be because you're constantly driving through a lot of road debris. Tiny rocks might have scraped the paint away so that the bare bumper cover is exposed to the elements.

Meanwhile, if you're seeing the paint on one of your bumpers bubble and flake, it could be because of how the plastic cover was painted. The paint should have been mixed with special cleansers and adhesion-promoting chemicals that make them more flexible and more able to stick to the bumper cover. If it wasn't, or if the bumper was sanded down, then the paint's non-flexible nature will peel it off the bumper.

Sometimes, issues with the bumper's paint can also be caused by an accident. It could have scratched a bit of the paint off and caused a chain reaction. It could also be due to a pressure washer used in some car washes.

Issues that affect the bumper's safety

Ford has placed an air bag crash sensor in the front bumper of its Expedition. This might become corroded over time, so be sure to have this component checked regularly so that you can replace it.

If you were involved in a minor accident, always check the components of your Ford Expedition bumper. Even if the cover is only dented and not cracked, the parts underneath it might be broken because they were designed to do so. Repair or replace any broken parts at once to ensure your safety.

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  • How to Maintain Your Ford Expedition Bumpers

    If your Ford Expedition was an army platoon, then one of its bumpers would act as the front liner while the other would be the rear guard. You see, this pair has the tough job of protecting your other automotive parts from minor accidents since it's the first thing that will collide with other objects. Both of them are made up of various components hidden underneath a bumper cover. These include a bumper frame, bumper brackets, and crush cans among other parts. You'll need to ensure that all these components are well maintained so that they can keep doing their duty. Here are a few ways in which you can do so:

    Enhance your Expedition's appearance.

    Paint your plastic bumpers right.

    A lot of Ford Expedition owners experience problems with the paint on their plastic bumper covers. The plastic cover might be flexible, but the paint naturally prefers to be rigid. You need to do the painting process correctly or else you might find the paint peeling off in large chunks. To prevent this, you will need to start by gently sanding the plastic cover so that the paint can stick to a larger surface area. Then, you will need to clean the unprimed cover with a traditional grease remover. Allow this to dry completely before spraying the cover with adhesion promoters that help the paint stick to it. Finally, prime and paint your plastic bumper covers.

    Go for chrome.

    If you like the look of chrome, you can get it without sacrificing a perfectly good bumper cover. All you need to do is to buy a set of self-adhesive bumper strips that can fit the width and length of your cover. Alternatively, you can get your steel bumper chrome-plated instead. Just choose the right shade of chrome that will enhance your Expedition's color.

    Do damage control.

    Get a bumper protector.

    Prevent minor mishaps from occurring by attaching an outdoor bumper protector onto your Expedition. These plastic covers prevent scratches and chips caused by low-speed hits to your rear bumper. Simply attach it over your bumper cover and then you can walk away from an open parking situation, knowing that another vehicle can't hit your car with a slight tap that sends it straight to the repairman.

    Pull dents and repair cracks.

    If you've recently been in a collision, inspect your bumper and its components to make sure that nothing has been completely damaged. Apart from replacing the broken parts, you can also try rolling out the dents and repairing the cracks on the plastic bumper cover.