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Ford F-250 Tailgate

Analyzing the Causes behind Ford F-250 Tailgate Problems

You don't have to say any magic word if you like to get into your truck bed. All you need is your Ford F-250 tailgate. This device is made up of several parts that allow you to open and close your pick up tailgate with ease. Over time, these components deteriorate because of corrosion and other factors. When your tailgate begins to show symptoms of failure, you must get ready to troubleshoot. Detecting the source of the problem can help you determine the right solution.

Weak tailgate support cables

Corrosion causes the cables to get weak and brittle. Sooner or later, these cables will eventually break, causing your tailgate to get stuck open or close. It's pretty easy to tell what makes these cables rusty. When metals are constantly exposed to water or moisture, corrosion starts to develop. To check your cables for corrosion, you need to open the tailgate. Locate the cables. They are usually wrapped with plastic coating. If you see that the plastic material is already tattered, the cables inside are probably corroded. Peel the plastic off if you want to verify the condition of the rods. When they look brownish in color, replacement is deemed necessary.

Tailgate that doesn't open

The tailgate in your Ford-F250 can get stuck. No matter how hard you pull the handle, the tailgate just won't open. This issue often involves the tailgate cables and rods. To troubleshoot, you need to remove the plate, which is located at the inner part of the tailgate itself. Once it's out, you can start inspecting the rods that are attached to both sides of the tailgate. These rods should always be straight or else you won't be able to open your tailgate. Replacing the rods is the best solution to this problem.

Broken tailgate handle

Your tailgate handle, especially if it's made of plastic, gets weak overtime. When this device becomes frail, it can break easily. Unfortunately, a tailgate handle is irreparable. You need to buy and install a new one to restore the normal operation of your tailgate. There are so many tailgate handle options available in the market. That's why you have to be very careful when buying. Make sure to get the one that fits in your vehicle perfectly.

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  • A Simple Guide in Maintaining Your Ford F-250 Tailgate

    Without your Ford F-250 tailgate, your pick-up truck looks plain and bland. It's as if something is missing in your vehicle. That's why you have to do all things necessary to keep your tailgate looking new and functioning properly. Periodic maintenance of your tailgate prevents costly repairs in the future. If you perform the following care tips, your tailgate will surely last for years.


    Off-road driving is fun and thrilling, but don't forget to clean your tailgate after. Mud, dust, and dirt can accumulate and penetrate within the edges and corners of your tailgate. Soon enough, rust begins to form and spread on the tailgate. Prevent this by cleaning your tailgate as often as you can. Wash it with soap and water to remove hardened mud and dirt.


    After every wash, put polishing products to keep your tailgate looking shiny and new. These products also enhance the water-resisting property of your tailgate to inhibit corrosion. For best results, use a microfiber cloth when applying polishing compounds. This special cloth has super fine fibers that absorb excess water and buff the tailgate surface to keep it shiny.

    Repairing dents

    Dents on your tailgate can ruin the overall look of your Ford F-250. Repair the damage as early as possible, so it won't get worse. Deformed tailgate can be treated with the use of a hair dryer, an air duster, and a liquid carbon dioxide spray. All you need to do is to heat the damaged spot for one minute. Spray ample amount of liquid carbon dioxide on that same spot, then heat it again for another 30 seconds. Wait until the dent on your tailgate pops out.

    Removing rust

    There's no doubt about it-rust is the number one enemy of your tailgate. It can ruin the appearance and mess up the operation of your tailgate. To combat corrosion, you only need a few things: sandpaper, primer, and paint. Sandpaper scrapes out rust-infected spots on your tailgate. To prevent future corrosion, you need to coat your tailgate with primes and paint. Removing rust from your tailgate is a pretty easy task that you can surely pull off by yourself.