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Ford F-350 Battery Cable

Symptoms Pointing to a Problematic Ford F-350 Battery Cable

The battery cable in your truck is a crucial part in almost all the functions of your vehicle. It transmits power from the battery to your engine and starter to make your truck run. Much like most wires in your truck, the battery cable is prone to breaking, cracking, and damage due to corrosion. When these happen, you should fix or replace the Ford F-350 battery cable immediately. Following are some symptoms that the cable is going south:

No Start

A common issue with the battery cable is a bad ground which results in irregular current delivery to the starter. This causes the starter to start but shut down immediately. If you have this kind of problem, you would hear a single click or rapid tapping sound once you turn on the ignition. This is a sign that the starter has been engaged. However, the engine would not start because the starter shuts itself down due to bad current delivery. When this happens, check your battery cable for corrosion or break.

Intermittent start

When your truck's engine does not start most of the time, you have an issue with the Ford F-350 battery cable. The problem is caused by irregular delivery of current into the engine and starter of your truck. This is a result of poor connections among the battery and the engine and starter. The cause of this problem is loose connection on the battery terminal or a severely corroded cable. While intermittent starts may also be caused by other problems, never rule out the possibility of a bad battery cable.

Flickering headlights

An easy way of knowing if you have a bad battery cable is through your headlights. Since the headlights are connected to the electrical system which most likely runs in common electrical grounds, one would affect the other components. If a battery cable is corroded or damaged, it may make way for a bad ground. As a result, the headlights may flicker because of lack in voltage. When you experience this issue, one of the things you should check is the battery terminals and the battery cable. There may also be a corrosion or dirt buildup that disrupts current delivery in the system.

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  • Making Your Ford F-350 Battery Cable Last Longer

    Your pickup truck would be nothing but a pile of metal parts if it does not have a functioning battery. Likewise, you would not be able to start your truck at all if the battery cable has gone bad. With this, you need to take special care of the cable to make sure your vehicle is always working well. Following are some simple ways on how you can give your battery cable some tender, loving care:

    Clean the battery terminals when replacing your battery cable.

    A battery cable replacement is a good opportunity to clean the battery terminals. Since the terminals would be exposed once the old cable to be replaced is removed, it is best to clean the terminals before connecting the new one. Dirt and dust on the terminals can cause corrosion and damage. They may also disrupt the delivery of power into the engine block which can cause irregular functions of your vehicle. Multipurpose cleaner, baking soda, and nylon brush are enough to take any buildup out of the terminals.

    Clean your battery cable at least once a month.

    Corrosion, grime, and dirt can make your battery cable weak. To avoid such issue, it is recommended to clean the cable at least once a month. However, it is quite a sensitive part, so you need to use mild solutions in doing so. The most common means of cleaning it is with the use of a baking soda and water solution.

    Be mindful of tools and metal objects.

    Your Ford F-350 battery cable may be sensitive at times especially when it is connected to the battery. With this, be careful when doing a repair or inspection with your hood open. During these times, the battery and cable are completely exposed. Any contact with metal objects may cause a short circuit and result in damage in your electrical parts.

    Protect your Ford F-350 battery cable from corrosion.

    The gases condensing from the battery can cause corrosion on your battery cable. With this, you need to make sure the cable is safe from problems caused by corroding materials. To do this, apply a small bead of silicon sealer at the base of the battery post. A felt washer coated with petroleum jelly should also be put on top of the battery post.