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Ford F-350 Engine Dip Stick

Ford F-350 Engine Dip Stick: Common Issues and Some of the Possible Causes

The engine dip stick of your Ford F-350 is a very important part of your car because it shows your vehicle's engine oil level. Aside from that, it also helps you determine the quality of the engine oil. If you notice that your truck's engine dip stick is starting to show signs of malfunction, then you have to do some troubleshooting immediately. Otherwise, your car might be in a very deep trouble. Here's a list of some of the problems you might encounter:

Engine dip stick broken in half

If your Ford F-350 engine dip stick broke inside the dip stick holder, then the broken part that remained inside can be really difficult to remove. However, if the piece that broke off is shorter than four inches, then it might have fallen straight into your vehicle's oil drain pan. To check the broken part inside the dip stick holder, you need to use a telescoping magnet pickup tool. Once you've inserted the pickup tool all the way down the holder, you should feel a slight tug to know that the magnet has connected with the broken part of the dip stick. If you didn't feel anything, then you have to get an oil bucket and remove the oil drain plug to get the broken part of the dipstick.

Bent engine dip stick

A bent engine dip stick can be very difficult to insert back in the dip stick holder. If you try and force it to slide in, it may kink further and eventually break. You can try to straighten it back into its straight shape with a heat gun. You need to apply heat across the length of the engine dip stick slowly. However, if you don't have a heat gun or don't know how to use one correctly, you should buy a new dip stick instead.

No oil visible on the dipstick

There can be two reasons why there's no oil on your car's dipstick after you have pulled it out. The first one is the inadequate amount of engine oil inside. The second is the improper way of inserting the engine dip stick into the dip stick holder. You should be aware that it's very dangerous if there's no oil in the dip stick. You should be ready to refill the engine with the right amount of oil or the car will be severely damaged. But before you do that, try to insert the dip stick correctly and check if you can already see oil on the dipstick.

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  • Ford F-350 Engine Dip Stick: Keep It Straight with These Helpful Tips

    Your Ford F-350 engine dip stick is a fragile yet crucial part of your car because it measures the amount of oil inside your car's engine. However, misuse or carelessness can cause damage on the dip stick, and because of this, you might not be able to measure the accurate amount of engine oil which can be very dangerous. To prevent anything bad from happening to your car's dipstick, you should follow these tips listed below:

    Check the oil level on the dipstick in a well-lit and level area.

    Since the purpose of the dipstick is the measure the amount of oil inside your engine, you wouldn't be able to see the measurement correctly if you're parked on a dark, sloping road. Not only that, it can also be frustrating if you keep on inserting your Ford F-350 engine dip stick again and again because you can't see the level indicator clearly. Use the engine dip stick on a well-lit and level area to avoid these problems and to see the correct reading.

    Use a clean rag to remove oil from the dipstick.

    A good way to see the engine oil level clearly is by wiping the dipstick with a clean rag. This is important because the first time you pull the dipstick from the engine, you have to wipe it using the rag and put the dip stick back into the engine. Remember that the stick is dipped into the engine that's why the rag has to be clean. Otherwise, dirt and other contaminants an unclean rag carries may be transferred into the engine through the dipstick. Sometimes, these contaminants may also cause the dipstick to corrode.

    Replace the dipstick if it's already corroded.

    Rust on your car's dipstick will only spread and cause it to break it half. You shouldn't attempt to remove the rust because you will only risk the surface of the dipstick by treating it with chemicals before dipping it back into the engine. You should look for a replacement immediately the moment you notice that there's corrosion. Aside from the dip stick, you should also check the dip stick holder for signs of corrosion because a rusty dip stick could have already affected that the holder.