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Ford F-350 Tailgate Cap

3 Common Problems Associated with the Ford F-350 Tailgate Cap

Tailgate caps ensure that the tailgate is well protected from damage. That is why it is important to address issues you may be having with it. Be sure to diagnose the problem immediately and provide the appropriate fix to the tailgate cap, so you can be sure that your tailgate will be safe and sound. The following are some problems you may experience with your Ford F-350 tailgate cap:

Fit isn't tight

If you've just installed a new tailgate cap and it doesn't seem to fit just right, you should look into a number of issues first. Check out the bolts or the fasteners connecting the cap to the tailgate; make sure that they are secure and are holding the tailgate cap tight. If the bolts and fasteners don't seem to secure themselves correctly, consider replacing them with new ones. If the truck bed is equipped with a tonneau or a truck cover, see that they don't interfere with the newly installed tailgate cap.

Tailgate cap popped out

This may have arisen because of issues with the securing bolts and fasteners. If they're still on the tailgate, insect the tailgate cap for damage. The damage may have been extensive enough that securing it is almost impossible. The bolts and fasteners may have also become loose and have fallen off the tailgate, allowing the tailgate cap to fall off. Replace the damaged components and reinstall the cap. For bolts and fasteners made of plastic or other weak materials, they may have become damaged and unable to hold the tailgate cap in place. As previously mentioned, replace the components, but this time, get ones that are made of better materials.


Light to moderate damage are usually normal for tailgate caps, considering the nature of their jobs. Be thankful that the caps are the ones being damaged and not the tailgate itself. If your tailgate cap is relatively new and the damage seems to be too extensive, you may be loading your truck the wrong way. If the damage is too severe, to the point of exposing the tailgate to potential damage and corrosion, have the tailgate cap replaced immediately.

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  • How to Prevent the Early Death of the Ford F-350 Tailgate Cap

    Tailgate caps are like a plate of armor for your F-350's tailgate. They protect it from the harsh elements and prevent it from being damaged. So it can ensure long-lasting protection, the cap needs to be taken care of as well, a very simple task that can be done every once in a while. To learn more about how you can maintain Ford F-350 tailgate cap, read on.

    Check the tailgate cap occasionally for signs of damage.

    Every component of your car, the tailgate cap included, will benefit from a regular inspection. Since it's easily seen at the back of your pickup, even a quick glance can help you spot any sign of wear. Every year or so, you should do a much more thorough inspection of the cap. Look closely for any crack, warping, discoloration, and corrosion. If the damage is small enough, try repairing it first. However, for severe damage, you may be better off getting a replacement instead. Be sure that the tailgate cap is still secured; inspect whether or not the bolts are undamaged or if the adhesive still has a tight grip on the cap.

    Do not abuse the tailgate cap.

    Sure, the tailgate cap is built to protect the tailgate itself. However, it doesn't mean that you should punish it more than what is necessary. Avoid putting unnecessary stress or excessive force on the tailgate cap. One good way to do this is by loading the back of your F-350 properly. Avoid putting too much weight on the tailgate and be sure that sharp edges don't come into contact with it.

    Cleaning is one of the basic tenets of any maintenance routine. You don't need to make the tailgate cap look like brand new, but it helps if you prevent any significant dirt buildup from happening. Brush away any dirt and debris and immediately clean fluid spills before they dry out. Cleaning the cap with a rag and some mild detergent mixed in warm water is also a good idea.

    Replace the tailgate cap as needed.

    If the tailgate cap has been extensively damaged or if it has reached the end of its service life, then there is nothing else you can do but replace it. Do it promptly to ensure that your tailgate is always protected.