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Ford Focus Headlight Assembly

How to Diagnose Trouble with the Ford Focus Headlight Assembly-and What You Can Do About It

To say that headlights are important is an understatement, these help light the way through the dark nights or stormy days. What people do not immediately realize is that the headlight assembly on their Ford Focus is equally important. Though the role they play is far more passive, the assembly remains critical because it anchors the headlights in place, and also keeps the elements out off the critical electrical wiring. You tend not to notice the assembly because it is actually embedded behind your headlights-completely out of sight. Here are a few things to look-and even listen for-that might clue you in to a damaged headlight assembly:

Weaker lights

If you start to notice that your headlights seem to be giving off a weaker light output, it could be very well be something to do with the headlights themselves or its electrical components. Just the same, you should probably check on the state of your headlight assembly too. Sometimes a broken assembly will apply physical pressure on the wires or-in worst cases-cause them to be severed. It's really worth a look considering the consequences of not having any lights to rely on when driving at night. At best, you get pulled over and ticketed. At worst, you could very well crash into something.

A good quick fix-if damage is not too severe-is to use putty or epoxy to bolster the damaged areas. Putty also helps reinforce cracked areas to prevent the cracks from growing.

Internal rattling

Hearing a loud rattling noise as you drive coming from around the headlights is a very good sign that something has gone really wrong. The only reason there would be any rattling to begin with is because a part of the headlight assembly has fallen off. At this point, the structural integrity of the assembly is already severely compromised and should be replaced immediately. Again, the worst case scenario is to lose the use of your headlights completely-not something you want to happen if you have to drive around at night.

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  • Tips for Keeping Your Ford Focus Headlight Assembly in Tip-Top Shape

    The Ford Focus has rightfully earned its spot as one of Ford's most popular compact car offerings. It's a position it earned through reliability, great fuel economy, and performance. Even a car as well-accepted as the Ford Focus needs to be safe, however, or else it isn't a worthwhile investment. Among all the safety features of a car, headlights are rarely thought of-the role they play is truly indispensable. The headlight assembly is a pretty important player in the whole concept of safety as it provides the anchor that securely holds the headlight in place-without it, the lights are apt to just fall off! The key, then, to keeping the headlights functional is to keep the headlight assembly that houses it well-maintained. Here are a couple of tips that you can use to keep your assembly in the best condition:

    Clean thoroughly.

    Some people think that it's enough to simply clean the headlights themselves while ignoring the assembly underneath. That isn't a good idea as the assembly underneath holds everything in place. A weekend car wash will never address the cleanliness of the assembly as the task of cleaning requires you to pop the hood-that's why cleaning can be limited to at least once per quarter of the year. And by cleaning, we don't mean full-on "water and soap" wash-you could very well damage the electrical system of the headlight that way. A damp cloth should suffice to wipe off-gently-any dust and dirt that accumulates on and around the assembly.

    Check for cracks.

    The biggest enemy of the headlight assembly can be the tiniest, most inconspicuous cracks. So when you take time to look over your Ford Focus headlight assembly, it's important that you really look over ever inch for even the smallest bit of damage. That little crack you see, over time-and with the constant vibrations of a fired-up engine-can slowly grow bigger and bigger until the whole assembly breaks apart. The quick fix is to apply a small bit of epoxy or putty to stay the growth of the crack. If it's too big-greater than an inch-no quick fixes will be sufficient-you have to replace the headlight assembly immediately.