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Ford Fusion Fog Light Kit

Finding the Causes of a Faulty Ford Fusion Fog Light Kit

The fog light kit is a very important part in your vehicle, especially if you're fond of taking road trips to the mountains or in dark, foggy places. This allows you to be safe as you can clearly see the misty trail, hence letting you stay away from any vehicular accidents. It's essential for this part to function at all times. If you sense that it's about to give up, then you'd better be aware of the signs and symptoms to know how to deal with them. Here are some tips on how to diagnose a faulty Ford Fusion fog light kit.

Damaged wires

One of the main reasons why the fog light kit ceases to work is because of damaged wires. Inspect the connections of the kit and see if there are any broken and worn-out wires. You can also lift the hood to take a good look at the wire running from the fog lights to the firewall. If you notice any worn wires, you'll have to get this fixed by a mechanic. It's better to pay for repair services than to purchase an expensive brand-new fog light kit.

Broken fuse

If you notice that the fog lights aren't performing the way should, then go ahead and check the fuse. See to it that the metal strip inside the fuse itself isn't broken or burnt; otherwise, this will entail you to get a replacement. Take note to get one with the same amperage.

Blown bulb

Blown light bulbs can be another symptom that the fog light kit could be broken. If they don't illuminate or are starting to dim, then you'd better take a look at them. Take out the electrical connector on the fog light ballast and from the housing. Inspect if the filament is still intact; otherwise, replace the bulbs with new ones so that the fog lights can function properly once again.

Faulty switch

Aside from the bulb and the wirings, the switch can also be the culprit why the fog light kit refuses to work correctly. With the switch on, put the tip at the end of the red wire on the out terminal. The switch should be okay if you get a reading. If you don't, then you'll have to replace it with a new one.

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  • Tips on Taking Good Care of the Ford Fusion Fog Light Kit

    The fog light kit should always be kept clean at all times. Its purpose is to basically let you see the road clearly during inclement weather conditions or if the path you are taking is foggy. You wouldn't want clouded fog lights, would you? So, here are some tips and tricks on how to do proper upkeep on your Ford Fusion fog light kit.

    Clean the lenses.

    It's inevitable for the lenses of the fog light kit to get all dirty since these get directly hit by rain, dust, or other particles on the road. Having grimy lenses can affect the brightness of the fog lights and you wouldn't want that to happen, especially if you're on a road trip with your family. Cleaning the lenses is very easy because all you need to do is to carefully take them off the car and wipe off any dirt buildup inside. You can just use clean paper towels or fresh rags to do the trick. It's better to do this on a regular basis so that it wouldn't be very hard to clean the accumulated soot.

    Restore faded lamps.

    If you have plastic lenses on your fog light kit, it will eventually haze because of sun damage, road debris, and wear and tear. It's essential to get your plastic lenses restored so that the performance of the lights won't get affected. Having correctly functioning fog lights will enhance your road safety. Restoring it is quite simple and you'll only need a few tools in hand. Just rub a denatured alcohol all over the lens and apply car wax after a few seconds of application. You'll notice a great change with the plastic lenses right after.

    Freshen up foggy fog lights.

    Driving with hazed fog lights can affect your safety on the road, especially if you're driving under heavy rain. You wouldn't be able to see the trail very clearly. It's important to ensure that the fog light kit is in good condition to be prepared during inclement weather conditions. It's quite simple to freshen up fogged up lights that you can just use simple tools from your own bathroom. Wash the lens with water to get rid of dirt buildup and apply toothpaste and leave it on for five minutes. With an old toothbrush, you can scrape the lens clean and rinse the suds with water. You'll get fresh fog light lenses in no time and you don't even have to get a new fog light kit.