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Ford Fusion Wheel Bearing

How to Know if Your Ford Fusion Wheel Bearing Has Gone Bad?

Every little part of your car's suspension system is important-even the tiniest parts such as the wheel bearing. The Ford Fusion wheel bearing allows the wheel of your vehicle to rotate smoothly. It prevents metals within the suspension system from grinding with one another and helps reduce the annoying sound that most automobiles make. Since your car's wheel bearing goes through pressure and friction very frequently, you can expect this part to wear out rapidly. How do you know if it's time to change your car's wheel bearing? Here are the signs:

Low rumbling sound

A deep, muffled noise coming from the wheels of your car is one of the early signs of a worn-out wheel bearing. The sound, which increases when turning and when driving at accelerated speed, may reverberate inside your vehicle. On some occasions, you might hear a clicking or scraping sound. This is the sound of metal abrading against another metal. This happens when the wheel bearing has become dislodged. To check which wheel has the defective bearing, drive your car in a large open area with few vehicles around. This should help you determine where the sound is coming from. Once you've pinpointed the issue, replace the wheel bearing in question.

Tire wear

One of the most obvious signs of a wheel bearing failure is tire wear. Uneven tire wear could be due to a number of reasons, but the most common culprit here is a bad wheel bearing. The bearings may have become loose, causing the wheels of your car to move in an irregular fashion. This creates the wear patterns on your tires. To solve this problem, check the bearings for tightness. They should be affixed snugly on the suspension system (not too tight, as this causes the bearings to break from too much pressure). If the bearings have thinned out, replace them with a new one.

Other troubleshooting tips

Sometimes, drivers fail to notice the early signs of wheel bearing failure. You'll know when the wheel bearings on your car have reached their end when you see smoke coming from the wheels. This happens because of too much metal-to-metal friction. If this ever happens, pull over to the side of the road immediately and call for help. Don't continue driving, as you might suddenly loose one of your car's wheels on the road.

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  • Proper Cleaning Methods for Your Ford Fusion Wheel Bearing

    Every little part of your car deserves the same amount of time and care that you give to the bigger components in your vehicle. Your Ford Fusion bearing, for instance, takes a lot of beating when you take your car to the road, and it needs all the care it can receive to last a long time. Neglecting to care for your car's wheel bearing reduces its lifespan. Moreover, it paves the way for expensive and headache-inducing car repairs that could have been prevented in the first place. Here are some ways on how you can prolong the lifespan of your Ford Fusion wheel bearing:

    Take out the wheel bearings for a good cleaning.

    You don't see them very often, but that doesn't mean that wheel bearings don't require cleaning at all. In fact, it makes more sense to clean them regularly to remove dried-out grease and lodged debris. The cleaning process for wheel bearings is a rather straightforward one. Once you've removed the bearings from the suspension system, wash them with a degreaser to remove the old lubricant. If you're some difficulty taking some of the grease out, soak the bearings in the solvent for a few minutes and scrub the grease gently.

    Dry the wheel bearings completely.

    Your car's wheel bearings should be completely dry as you prepare it for lubrication. Use an air compressor and a blowgun to dry out the bearings. While you're at it, check the grooves of the bearings for lodged debris and other dirt that might hamper the performance of the bearings.

    Grease the wheel bearings regularly.

    Your car's wheel bearing experiences a lot of friction from preventing metal-to-metal contact in your suspension system. Cars like your Ford Fusion have smaller tires that spin much faster than their bigger counterparts do. That puts a lot of stress on the wheel bearings. To prevent too much friction from damaging the bearings on your car's suspension system, grease the bearings well after every cleaning. This inhibits the wheel bearings from thinning out too quickly due to abrasion. Before you lubricate the bearings, make sure that the old grease has been thoroughly removed.