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Ford Gran Torino Shock Absorbers

Four Usual Symptoms of Malfunctioning Ford Gran Torino Shock Absorbers

The shock absorbers of your Ford Gran Torino are designed to give you a smooth and comfortable ride inside your classic automobile. However, they are under constant pressure because they maintain the vehicle's balance when you drive over uneven road surfaces; and through constant use, they will show signs of wearing down. When you start to notice symptoms like uncontrollable steering or bouncing, then you have to do some troubleshooting. Here are some common problems you might experience:

Excessive bouncing of the car

This symptom is noticeable once the shock absorbers begin to lose their dampening effect. You will notice that the vehicle's body will bounce more than twice when you drive over bumps and potholes. What you should do is to check if the hydraulic fluid inside the shock absorbers' cylinders has already leaked. If it has, then you should already replace the leaking shocks because they will cause difficulty on your driving when the hydraulic fluid of the shocks is unequal.

Car's body too close to the ground

When the shocks of your car are in good condition, the car's body should be at a proper distance from the ground. To determine if your car passes this test, you can take a look at all the sides of your vehicle and check if the body is within a few inches from the tires. If it's too close, then there's a possibility of a weak or broken shock. However, this will not apply if you installed lowering springs on your car.

Loud noise coming from under the car

Probably the most obvious and annoying of all the symptoms, a loud and clanking noise coming from under your car can be a sign of a broken shock absorber or shock mount. When the bolts that holds the shock breaks, it can cause the shock absorber to loosen or detach completely. The parts will create clanking noise as they dangle and collide with the other parts. Aside from that, the car will sag to one side because the disengaged shock absorber will affect the car's balance.

Torn-out tires

Since the shock absorbers keep the tires in contact with the road's surface, faulty shock absorbers will cause the tires to skip or bounce on the road. In addition to that, if you try and drive your car at high-speeds with faulty shock absorbers, then the tire treads can quickly become thinner. The impact of the tires as it bounces off can cause chunks of tire to be torn-off as well.

  • Ford Gran Torino Shock Absorbers: Simple Maintenance Tricks You Can Easily Perform

    It is important to check the condition of your Ford Gran Torino shock absorbers because they are responsible for keeping the vehicle rolling evenly on the road. However, the shock absorbers can only function efficiently until it begins to show signs of wearing down. To prevent problems from occurring and to ensure that the shock absorbers are working at their best, here are some maintenance tips you can perform in your own garage:

    Check the condition of the shock absorbers periodically.

    The simplest way of checking your Ford Gran Torino's shock absorbers is by performing a "bounce" test. To do this, you have to park your car on a level surface. When that's done, you should place your weight on the front bumper or lean on the fender. Quickly release yourself from the car and observe the movement of your car. It should bounce only once to determine if the shock absorbers are in good condition. Otherwise, there's probably a faulty shock in your vehicle.

    Perform a visual inspection.

    Although the bounce test is a good way to determine the condition of your car's shock absorbers, a visual inspection can help you figure out the problem more accurately. You should look under your vehicle and check for signs of leak or damage from the shock absorbers. When you have found possible symptoms, you should remove the shock absorbers and determine if the leak indeed came from the faulty shocks and not just something that splashed from the road.

    Change the shock absorbers of your car in pairs.

    Your Ford Gran Torino has four shock absorbers that work together to carry the vehicle's weight. Since the pressure on them is constant, there's a possibility that at least one of the four shock absorbers can suddenly malfunction. When this happens, you have to replace not only the malfunctioning shock absorber but the one on the opposite side as well. As a good rule-of-thumb, you have to replace the front and the back shock absorbers in pairs. This is important because the balance on both sides of the vehicle should be equal so the weight of the car can be distributed evenly.