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Ford Probe Hatch Strut

How to Spot the Culprits behind Ford Probe Hatch Strut Defects

Your Ford Probe hatch strut is a component that you should not neglect. You may hardly notice it, but the hatch strut performs a very important function. It supports the weight of the hatch, so it won't fall down while you're stuffing your cargo inside the trunk. Though sometimes, no matter how much you take care of it, the hatch strut fails. This happens due to several factors. To find these culprits, here are the steps to follow:

Weak load support

When you notice that your trunk keeps on falling, it means that your hatch struts are becoming weak. Struts eventually show symptoms of weakness if you've been using them for a really long time. But still, you have to verify if this is the real cause of the problem. Inspect the hatch struts closely to determine their true condition. In doing this, you need someone who can assist you. Ask the other person to hold the trunk for you while you're checking the struts. Try to move the mounting of the piston rod gently. If the rod seems to wobble a lot, it means that it has already come loose. That's the reason why it can no longer bear the weight of the trunk.


If you've been hearing a lot of squeaking sounds every time you open the trunk, you must check the hatch struts, especially the housing tube, for corrosion. Rust increases the friction between the piston rod and the metal tube. Because of that, a loud squealing noise is produced when the rod glides on the tube. Check for rust by inspecting the tube. The tube is usually coated with paint for smoother finish. If you see that the paint is already chipping, the hatch strut must be removed and replaced.


Some hatch struts are hydraulic struts. It looks the same as normal struts, but hydraulic hatch struts have a small cylinder that contains a special gas or liquid. This liquid or gas acts as dampener that enhances the ability of the strut to withstand pressure. But severe stress can break this cylinder. When this happens, the liquid inside will seep out. To check for leaks, simply feel the edges of the cylinder with your fingers. If the corners of the cylinder are filled with fluid, then it's positive that your hatch struts are leaking. Replacing the struts is thing that can fix the problem.

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  • How to Make your Ford Probe Hatch Strut Last

    Do you know that you have the power to make your Ford Probe hatch strut last? You can keep your strut intact despite the many factors that can ruin it. The following maintenance tips will teach you the most efficient ways to keep your struts from damage and breakage. Follow them strictly to avoid expensive repair and replacement procedures.

    Stop rust before it starts.

    A hatch strut is made mostly of metal. Because of that, the strut is always prone to corrosion. Don't wait until you see the first signs of rust. Stop it as early as possible by always keeping your strut dry and clean. Apply anti-corrosion products like polish or wax to inhibit corrosion in the future.

    Keep the struts securely mounted.

    A hatch strut may fall off from its mounting due to severe vibration. To prevent this, retighten the bolts regularly. Use a ratchet and a socket in securing the strut in place. Use a flat-head screwdriver in clipping the ball of the strut into the socket. Replace any corroded or damaged screws immediately.

    Prevent leaks.

    You can prevent the cylinder from leaking by mounting the strut properly. Keep it tightly attached to the frame, so it won't shake or wobble. This is the best way to protect the cylinder from extreme stress and vibration.

    Don't put too much weight.

    Your hatch is able to take only so much. You can't just hang any object from it, or else the hatch struts will break. Avoid putting too much stress and weight on your trunk to keep the bar intact. When the trunk is open, don't lean on it. Don't place and hang your tools onto it.

    Paint your struts.

    Looking closely, you'll notice that your struts are chrome painted. This special paint is used not just to protect the tube from corrosion. It also allows the piston rod to glide smoothly on the tube. But there comes a time when the paint begins to chip and flake. When this happens, you don't need to throw the strut right away. You can use it again after coating it with new paint. Chrome paint can be purchased at auto parts store. It is sold in spray cans. It is very easy to use, so you don't need to worry so much about the task. You can surely finish it on your own.