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Ford Ranger Chrome Bumper

Ford Ranger Chrome Bumper Troubleshooting Tips

Your Ford Ranger chrome bumper is built to minimize the impact of collision and protect the other components of your truck. Some chrome bumpers went through hours and hours of salt-sprayed test to ensure that it will be corrosion-resistant and durable enough to withstand damaging factors such as rust and debris. However, over time, all types of bumpers would eventually wear out-regardless of their finish. Here are some tips on how you can troubleshoot your Ford Ranger chrome bumper problems:

Cracks and dents

It is inevitable that your Ford Ranger chrome bumper will get dented and cracked. There are several factors, such as rust and minor bumps that could cause it to wear out. These signs of wearing out, sadly, are not pleasing to the eyes. So if you noticed a small dent that shouldn't be there, you can suck it out using a plunger or dry ice, and then tap it with a mallet until the surface becomes smooth. However, if it is cracked and it seems to cut across the middle of the bumper, you need to replace it with a new one before it falls off from your vehicle.

Rattling sound

If you have been hearing an unusual noise coming from the front end of your Ranger whenever you are driving, then you better check if the bolts of your chrome bumper are loose. If yes, then they might be causing the metallic clunking sound. Tighten them using the proper wrenches and make sure that there are no missing bolts. Replace any worn-out or missing bolts immediately to keep it from clinking and falling off.

Rust spots

If your chrome bumper is made of steel, then don't be surprised if after a few years you will see rust building up on its corners and working its way to the middle. Corrosion is a common culprit behind worn-out chrome bumpers, since these parts are exposed to weather damage and all types of road debris. When this happens, you need to remove the rust spots using a sand paper and apply rust-proofing spray in the area. This way, you can prevent rust from building up for the time being.

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  • Easy Tips to Keep Your Ford Ranger Chrome Bumper Clean and Intact

    The best that you can do to your Ford Ranger's chrome bumper is to protect it from damage as best as you can. You don't have to guard it with your life, though, if it is about to hit a wall or another bumper. There are simple but effective ways that you can do to keep your chrome bumper always in its shiny and admirable condition. Here are some of them:

    Keep it clean.

    If you want to make your chrome bumper always looking neat and dazzling, all you have to do is to keep it clean. Wash it thoroughly whenever you give you wash your entire vehicle. Use only a mild detergent and a clean cloth to do so. Wipe it dry afterwards to keep it from rusting.

    Check for damage.

    The last thing that you would want to happen to your chrome bumper is to see it fall off while you are driving. A cracked bumper is prone to lose grip and just fall from your vehicle, especially if you are driving in high speed. While this could be very embarrassing, it is also very risky as it could get you in an accident if it gets in your way and you are driving very fast. Inspect it regularly for any sign of premature wear. Replace it once it gets too wrecked for repair.

    Tighten bolts.

    If you have been hearing a rattling sound from your vehicle's front end, then your chrome bumper might have loose or missing bolts. Check your bumper once in a while and watch out for worn-out bolts or missing screws that could cause it to fall off. Make sure that all bolts are intact and they are free from rust. Replace any worn-out or missing hardware immediately to avoid further problems.

    Apply rust-proofing.

    Just like your truck's other steel components, keeping them safe from rust has a big impact to prolonging their service life. Using a rust-proofing spray, cover the entire bumper and let it dry. Do this every year or as soon as you see rust spots. Keeping it free from rust minimizes its risk of wearing out.