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Ford Windstar Bumper Covers

Diagnosing the Signs of Trouble on Your Ford Windstar Bumper Cover

Located at the front and the rear of your vehicle, your bumpers are the first thing that comes into contact with other objects when you get into a collision. If the accident occurs at a low enough speed, they will be able to protect your Ford Windstar's other components from being damaged. Each bumper consists of a steel frame that crushes on impact, brackets that hold the frame to the chassis, and crush cans to dampen the effect of the collision on the chassis among other parts. All of these parts are hidden beneath your Ford Windstar bumper cover to ensure that your car looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Finding signs of trouble

Bumper covers are made of plastic or rubber molded into one solid piece. It's quite normal to see some scratches on them because small accidents on the parking lot do happen. However, peeling paint on your bumper covers can indicate that your minivan has been in a tiny accident that needed a paint job en route to the dealers. The paint might also be peeling off because it's the wrong type for paint for your cover.

In the meantime, dents and cracks can be the scars that are left over after a minor accident that hasn't damaged anything. However, a gigantic crack or dent can be a sign of serious damage with your other bumper components.

Removing the bumper cover

To find out whether or not you'll need to replace your entire bumper assembly, then you'll need to remove the bumper cover on either the front or rear of your Windstar. Taking off either component involves many similar steps, but they also have a few key differences.

If you're removing the front bumper cover, then you'll need to detach the positive and negative cables from your battery so that the airbags don't deploy. Then, raise up your minivan on some jack stands before using a Phillips-head screwdriver to take off all the screws from the bottom of the bumper edge. Don't forget to take off the screws from the inner fender wall as well as the nut that holds the side marker light in place. Finally, detach the screw from the corner of the bumper cover so that you can get it free.

Meanwhile, if you're removing the rear cover, you'll need to set the emergency brake and chock the rear side of the back tires so that your Windstar doesn't move. Afterwards, you'll need to lie underneath the bumper to locate the holding bolts to loosen them with a socket wrench. After you take off the side bolts, you can gently pull the cover away from the minivan's body.

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  • Making Ford Windstar Bumper Covers Safer and Better Looking

    Whether you're taking your kids home from school, touring the relatives around town, or traveling with some friends on a road trip, a minivan should always ensure the safety of all its occupants. But, as its owner, you should also do your share in preventing accidents or minimizing their impact by maintaining all your safety components, including the front and rear bumpers. They are your first line of defense, so they'll be hit first during a straight-on collision. Both bumpers can help protect your other car parts from damage as well. Your bumpers are actually made up of different components (such as frames, brackets, crush cans, and guards) underneath the molded cover. Here are a few things that might help you maintain your Ford Windstar bumper covers.

    Remove dents on your bumper covers.

    You'll need to do some damage to your bumper covers if you want to remove a dent, but the results can be worth it. First, you'll need to drill a hole in the middle of the dent, making sure it's big enough to fit an angle awl through the hole. Then, insert the awl and use it to pop out or pull back the dented areas. Repeat this process several times until the dent is gone. Afterwards, fill up the hole.

    Fill up the cracks and holes on your bumper covers.

    Minor accidents can happen to anyone, even to the vehicle of the most careful car owner. Still, it isn't the end of the world when your minivan's bumper covers get small cracks and tiny holes from these unfortunate events. Just remove your bumper covers, clean them with mineral spirits, and then mix up a batch of polyester resin putty (like Bondo). Apply this onto the affected area and let it dry before sanding it down so that it's smooth.

    Paint your fiberglass bumper covers.

    While it's natural to feel relieved that nothing was damaged and no one was hurt in a minor accident, it's also natural to feel annoyed that your Ford Windstar no longer looks pristine. But thankfully, small scratches, transferred paint, and other minor imperfections can disappear when you repaint your fiberglass bumper covers. Just remove them from your minivan, and inspect for any holes or cracks that need to be filled up. Then, sand the entire cover with 220-grit sandpaper before cleaning with mineral spirits. Afterwards, just spray on a light coat of primer and let it dry. Spray on your paint in several coats, making sure to let each one dry before the next application. Sand the cover with wet 220-grit sandpaper before buffing with a high-speed buffer.