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Honda Accord Door Handle

Honda Accord Door Handle: Common Symptoms of Wear and Tear

The door handle of your Honda Accord is one of the frequently used and abused parts of your car. It is designed to handle the constant opening and closing of the door. However, it can only endure a certain amount of usage and will soon take its toll and show signs of wearing down. If you already notice that your car's door handle is starting to become stiff, slow, or unresponsive, then you have to grab some tools and do some troubleshooting. Listed below are some of the common symptoms of a malfunctioning Honda Accord door handle.

The door handle's chrome trim is peeling.

When the door handle of your Honda Accord is starting to peel off, you should replace it as soon as possible because there's a chance that someone will get a paper cut from holding the chrome material that's hanging loose. Alternatively, you can remove the chrome trim from the door handle and coat the handle with paint. Just remember not to damage or scratch the plastic door handle when removing the chrome trim.

The door handle is broken.

The door handles of your car may break when too much force is exerted on it. Most door handles are made of plastic with low tensile strength that's why it is prone from breakage. Since the handle is connected to the other parts of the door handle assembly, some parts may also get affected making them prone to damage as well. The best thing to do when this happens is to replace the broken door handle. You should also inspect the other parts of the door assembly by removing the door panel and checking their condition.

The driver's door won't open.

When the keyless entry remote control of your Honda Accord is working but the driver-side door won't open, the problem may be caused by a faulty door hatch. Since you won't be able to remove the door panel because the door is closed, you can try to reach and disconnect the cables of the power window unit. However, if this doesn't work, the only solution left is to remove the driver's seat until you have enough space to work on the door panel.

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  • Honda Accord Door Handle: Tips on How to Handle Them with Care

    The door handle of your Honda Accord is a part that's been used and abused numerous times, and a stuck door handle is just one of the common problems that might happen. If you're that unlucky, a worse situation can occur when all the door handles of your car malfunction in the middle of a rainy night and you can't enter your vehicle. To prevent such problems from happening, you should start caring for the door handle by following these maintenance tips:

    Grease or lube the door latch assembly.

    One way to ensure that your Honda Accord door handle is working correctly is by greasing the door latch assembly. A good type of brake cleaner, engine lubricant, or automotive grease can be applied on the door latch. When that's done, you should open and close the door a few times so that the grease will even out. As added tip, you can also apply lubricant on the door's hinge to give a smoother motion when you open and close the door.

    Polish the door handle.

    Protecting the door handle of your Honda Accord from scratches is important especially if it has a chrome finish. To do this, you should use an automotive polish or compound that's applicable on chrome. This will help remove the scratch marks on the door handle's surface. However, you shouldn't use a heavy polish and over-polish the door handle because it can lead to the deterioration of its clear coat. Instead, you should use an orbital buffer or foam applicator. If there are still scratches that remained on the surface, you should glaze the door handle after polishing it.

    Clean the other portions of the door handle.

    Aside from the chrome lever, the other portion of the door handle that's made from vinyl should be kept clean well. You may notice that this portion is made from the material similar to your car's interior door panel, and dirt can stick easily on its surface. This portion of the door handle has to be cleaned before dirt becomes tough to remove. You can use an all-purpose or vinyl cleaner and a soft cloth that are available from automotive stores to wipe the dirt away.