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Honda Accord Exhaust System

The air we breathe in is of utmost importance for our existence. Sadly it is now contaminated with pollutants that can cause hazardous effects to man's health and over all well being. On top of the producers of harmful exhausts are cars and motorcycles. Car makers like Honda are aware of this fact that is why they are now making the necessary steps to befriend the environment by making enhancements on their car's exhaust systems. Honda Accord is one of the auto makes which undergone changes and enhancements on the Honda Accord exhaust parts and components making the system.

The exhaust system of the car facilitates the movement of the combustion end products out from the engine. Included on the vehicle's exhaust system are exhaust header, air pump, exhaust fan, pipe gasket, muffler, exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, valves and exhaust tips. The components are positioned inside the car's body except for the exhaust tips. It is usually mounted either on the rear or side part of the vehicle though at times it is also dependent on where the exhaust system is placed. Unpleasant sound can produced as the exhaust is forced out of the car but the noise is minimized through the muffler which, as the name suggests, muffle the sound.

The exhaust system serves as the car's excretory system. Most vehicle makes nowadays made use of a dual exhaust system or cat-back exhaust system. This type is composed of several piping and one or two pairs of tailpipes and mufflers. Besides much improved engine breathing capacity, it also helps the power train to produce more torque and horsepower.

Faulty, damaged or inefficient exhaust systems must be replaced with a new one to ensure that the car is in tip top condition. Remember that the systems making up the car is interlinked with each other thus defect on one area can spread on the other.

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