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Honda Accord Fender

Common Causes of Honda Accord Fender Problems

Honda Accord fenders are one of the parts in your car's body that are prone to damage and wear. The damages may start as small and negligible defects. Overtime, these minor issues become too ugly and disgusting on your car for you not to notice. If you are the type that doesn't regularly maintain or doesn't properly handle vehicles, you may find problems on the fenders coming back again and again no matter how many times you've had these replaced. To avoid back jobs and further inconveniences, here is a list of the common causes behind Honda Accord fender problems.

Wide gaps

If the installed fenders don't seem to mesh well or have gaps between the bumper and hood, there's a problem. It's possible that the internal structure is bent, bumpers and hood don't fit, lights aren't aligned, or radiator support is off. Even small bumps and accidents can result to an alteration in the areas of the car that hold the fenders in place. Check these other parts first before replacing or modifying the fenders.

Rust patches

As your car ages, rust eventually accumulates on the Honda Accord Fenders. This happens at a quicker rate if your Accord is poorly maintained. Too much rain water is the main suspect when it comes to corrosion. Driving through puddles is also a way for water to make its way to your car from below. Chipped paint is also an opening for the liquid to exploit.

Faded paint

Anything that fades is a sign of overexposure to sunlight. The direct sunlight that hits fenders whenever you take your car for a drive makes this part prone to a faded paint job. You can prevent this from happening again by placing a car cover over your Accord or parking the vehicle inside an enclosed garage.

Rough surface

Run your hand along the surface of the Accord's fenders. These parts should be smooth as silk to touch. If it feels rough in some areas, this is caused by a bad paint job. As a solution, it's recommended that you give the fenders a redo of the whole process to get rid of the coarseness on these.

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  • Keeping Your Honda Accord Fender Looking Brand New

    The cleanliness and maintenance of Honda Accord fenders contribute to the overall look of the car. Even if these are only small in relation to the rest of the vehicle's body, any stains and blemishes on the part can instantly lead to a look of disgust from anybody who sees your car. The Honda Accord should be spared of an ugly finish as much as possible. Here are some maintenance procedures you can do on your fenders so that your car doesn't look like it came out of a junk shop.

    Regularly clean your car.

    Honda Accord fenders are greatly maintained if you simply give these a good clean. The simple combination of soap and water is good enough to get rid of any dirt that can damage the paint. Apply some wax and buff the surface to get a clean and shiny finish. For a more direct approach, use a pressure washer to dislodge the small particles stuck to the fenders.

    Apply paint on chips.

    For minor cracks and chips on your fenders, cover these patches with a dab of paint. The small opening you cover is enough for contaminants to enter through and damage the body. Buff and sand the area for an even surface. It may look like a rough retouch at first, but it's better than exposing the metal to the elements. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary repair. Unless you're confident of your ability to paint the car, take the Accord to the professionals for a clean job.

    Apply rust-proofing spray.

    Corrosion spots are one of the biggest nuisances you can get-second only to a fender bender. These dark, brown, and ugly blemishes instantly qualify your car as one that came straight out of a junk shop. To avoid this, some rust proofing on the fender well goes a long way to protecting the Honda Accord fender. Wipe the fender well clean first before applying the spray.

    Park in a covered area.

    Try your best to park your car in a covered area to limit exposure to anything that can damage the fenders. The sunlight, dust, dirt, and other contaminants you spare on the Accord is another way of protecting the paint job.