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Honda Accord License Plate Bracket

Small Problems on a Honda Accord License Plate Bracket

The license plate bracket is one of the many accessories on your Honda Accord that do not get much attention. But despite the fact that it does not demand so much of your time, it still needs to be taken care of like the other parts on the vehicle. Besides, your Honda Accord license plate bracket also plays an important role in your car's identification. It secures your license plate in place, so you can easily distinguish your car from all the other Accord units at a certain place. It also helps you avoid troubles with the law by driving without a license plate attached on your vehicle. But as simple as it looks, the license plate bracket also gets problematic at times. And during these moments, there are some problems that you need to be aware of. Here are some of them:

Not enough holes

In order for you to attach your license plate bracket properly, there has to be enough holes on all sides. This way, you can fully secure your plate and you no longer have to worry about the bracket falling off, especially when you are driving on a bumpy road. If there are not enough holes on your Honda Accord's license plate bracket, it would be very difficult for you to attach your car's plate. But aside from making sure that there are sufficient holes on the bracket, you also have to see to it that each hole is of the right size to fit the nuts perfectly.


If there are dents on your license plate bracket, you will surely have a hard time fitting the plate in. If you notice even the smallest of dents on the bracket, have it fixed right away. Or if there isn't anything that can be done to address the damage, get a replacement immediately. You can easily spot dents on your car's license plate bracket by simply looking at all sides. If you notice a certain change on the shape of the bracket's edges, there must be something wrong with it that you need to fix as soon as you can.

Loose nuts or mounting screws

Loose nuts are also common license plate bracket problems you might face. These nuts are what secure the plate in place at all times. And if they are not properly attached, there is a huge possibility for the license plate to fall off. You can usually notice loose mounting screws if the bracket seems to be unfastened on the front end of your car. You can test the attachment's security by slightly pulling on the license plate bracket. If it feels loose and you hear a clanking sound, the nuts need to be tightened.

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  • Taking Care of Your Honda Accord License Plate Bracket

    Your Honda Accord license plate bracket may be one of the most neglected accessories on your car because it seldom gets broken or damaged. The bracket does not call for replacements too often, which is also one of the reasons why car owners do not always pay attention to it. But in order to really avoid the additional troubles brought by a defective license plate bracket, it would be better if you can observe a simple maintenance procedure. Here's how:

    Follow a regular cleaning schedule.

    If you want your license plate bracket to last long, make it a point to clean it on a regular basis. Make sure that you are using the proper cleaning tools as well, so you won't damage the material. The license plate bracket may not be that big of a deal as compared to other car parts and accessories, but it still serves an important role. You can get rid of dirt once every few weeks, so the bracket stays looking good as new. You can simply wipe off grime or splash water on it with a mild soap solution, and rinse it afterwards.

    Handle the license plate bracket carefully.

    If you are doing a replacement procedure, you also have to make sure that the license plate bracket is being handled carefully. Although it does not get damaged easily, the accessory still needs to be taken care of. Refrain from dropping it often or getting it hit by different objects as it may cause dents on the corners and deform the bracket. Also, see to it that you are only using a license plate bracket that is especially made for your car. If you are driving a Honda Accord, get a bracket that has the right measurements for it.

    Use proper drilling tools.

    There are times when the bracket does not have enough holes to secure your license plate. But should you have to drill more holes on your license plate bracket, make sure that you are only using the proper tools. Although there is nothing wrong with improvising, it is still better to create holes using the right materials to avoid damaging the accessory and the possibility of hurting yourself in the process.