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Honda Accord Spoiler

Are you familiar with an automotive aerodynamic device called the spoiler? If not then you have just found the perfect page. A spoiler like the Honda Accord spoiler is a device used to decrease the sum of all the fluid dynamic forces on a body perpendicular to the direction of the external flow around an automobile, or to reduce the combination of aerodynamic or hydrodynamic forces that reduce a speed, or simply increasing the downforce by boosting the amount of force and pushing the vehicle's tires harder against the road surface. Generally, spoilers are used in race and high-performance sports cars for the obvious reason and that would be to heighten its acceleration.

Today, spoilers are not ony seen on sports cars but also in ordinary street cars and trucks. Pickups also use spoilers that include cab spoilers, tailgate spoilers, truck cap spoilers, and tonneau cover spoilers. And SUVs and minivans are not to be left behind in using rear window spoilers. Though, spoilers do not actually affect non-sports cars' aerodynamics in most cases, but rather makes them look sportier. Spoilers for these vehicles are more of a restyling component and not a component to affect or redirect airflow around them.

The most common spoiler you can find in auto parts stores are the wing spoilers. This kind of spoiler is an airfoil that is suspended above the body of the vehicle. Other kinds of spoilers include lid spoilers, roof spoilers, and splitters. The first one is called as the trunk lid or boot lid spoiler, and is often a ridge of plastic or metal, while the second one is also a ridge of plastic or metal but is attached to the very back of the roof and usually above the rear window, and the third one is a kind of spoiler attached to the front bumper and lies very close to the road surface.

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