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Honda Accord Struts

Spotting Problematic Honda Accord Struts

As part of your car's suspension system, Honda Accord struts support your car to give you a smooth and comfortable driving experience. Overtime, these wear out and need replacement. You risk your safety by driving a car that's difficult to control if the problem is left unattended. Here are some of the things to help you spot problematic Honda Accord struts that are on its way to giving up on you and your car.

Excessive bouncing

Too much bounce is one early sign that your Honda Accord struts aren't in good shape. By this time, the struts have been too old to support your car through normal challenges. Usually, this becomes pretty evident after you hit a bump on the road. Even small and insignificant humps give the car too much up-and-down motion that it already feels like you're riding a roller coaster. If you're not on the road, you can test Honda Accord struts that bounce too much by pressing on one of the corners of the car and noticing if you can do it easier than you expected.

Unusual noises

Other than the excessive bouncing, bad Honda Accord struts are also accompanied with unusual bumpy, clanky, and squeaky noises. It is very hard not to notice even if you have your windows up. Usually, this kind of noise is caused by loose mounting hardware.

Uneven tire wear

Balanced and good Honda Accord struts should give the wheel a flat base. Once these go bad, the wheels also go bad because of the uneven traction it has on the road. The inner side of the tire is usually the area that wears faster. If you notice that one, a couple, or all tires are unevenly worn, it might be a good idea to check on the struts for any problems.

Oil leaks and body dents

Oil is what's mostly responsible for the supporting ability of your Honda Accord struts. Check the area near the struts for any leaks. When there is some present, the supporting ability is lessened. Other than leaks, dents on the body are also a sure sign of problematic struts. The car has been too much for the struts to support, and the part has no other choice but to give.

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  • Simple Ways to Prolong the Service Life of Honda Accord Struts

    It's very difficult to say when Honda Accord struts are in need of routine maintenance and replacement. The trend is that you'll know these have gone bad once you notice the poor ride you have. It's not a good idea to wait for that moment to arrive. Not only will you have a Honda Accord that feels sluggish, you'll also have a car that's already dangerous to drive. The replacement cost for labor and parts is also something you'd want to stay away from as much as possible. Follow these simple suggestions on how you can extend the life of your Honda Accord struts to maintain the great handling of your car.

    • Have the right driving habits.
    • The good condition of your Honda Accord struts first depends on whether you have the right driving habits or not. Avoid wild treks and trails. This doesn't mean the struts wouldn't be able to tackle a fair amount of off-road driving. However, push the Accord beyond its intended limit, and you might be inducing too much stress on the struts. The Accord is an everyday commuter by design. Know that your car and its parts are to be driven mostly on paved roads. Even on these kinds of roads, it is still vital that you limit wild and extreme maneuvers that might put too much work on the struts.
    • Maintain the wheels as well.
    • Taking care of the Honda Accord struts also means taking care of your wheels. Since both are closely connected and related to each other, the failure and deterioration of one can dramatically affect the other. Good struts work best with great wheels. With that in mind, have your wheels routinely checked. This includes keeping it properly aligned, rotated, and balanced as much as possible.
    • Always tighten the hardware.
    • Other drivers who complain about bad Honda Accord struts say that they hear loud and annoying clunking, metal-to-metal sounds within the struts. Contrary to their belief, this is not a sign of bad shocks itself. This is simply a sign of loose mounting hardware that's telling you these should be tightened at once. The sound wouldn't necessarily give your Accord a rough ride, but you wouldn't want to be driving the car with such an annoying noise.