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Honda Civic Bumper Covers

Signs of Problematic Honda Civic Bumper Covers

Style and safety are two of the major considerations why drivers like you purchase a Honda Civic. These aspects are also two of the many reasons why the model is being supported by many buyers worldwide. One part that contributes to these features is the bumper covers. These are components made of plastic, steel, or fiberglass that serve as safety features by protecting the actual bumper material. And since it is located right in front of the car, it is an integral styling accessory that affects the look of the vehicle as a whole. Indeed, your bumper covers are very important, and you should be watchful for signs of damage in this part.


There would come a time when you might notice your Honda Civic bumper covers are giving out rattling sounds while you drive. The sounds are associated with that of rattling tin cans. These noises are produced when your bumper covers are rubbing against nearby parts like the fenders and the bumper. This is due to a loose mounting hardware. When you experience this, you might want to check the screws and bolts holding your bumper covers. To fix the problem, you may need to remove and reinstall the bumper covers.

Loose bumper covers

Another effect of an issue with the mounting hardware and brackets is misaligned or even loose bumper covers. You must remember that the position of your Honda Civic bumper covers is very important because it has to be completely aligned with the bumper material and not cause any problem with the headlights and fog lights. The easy fix would be repositioning the misaligned or loose bumper covers.


A warp or dent in the bumper covers can be caused by two problems. The first and the more obvious reason is a low-impact collision. Needless to say, once your bumper covers hit something, it has the tendency to bend or develop a dent. A more uncommon cause of the problem is an issue with the mounting brackets. This occurs when these metal brackets bend, disfiguring the bumper covers.


The easiest sign of damaged bumper covers is a crack. Like dents, this can be caused by a low-impact collision. Good thing is that a small crack can be remedied with soapy water, soldering iron, and sandpaper.

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  • Taking Care of Your Honda Civic Bumper Covers

    The bumper covers in your cars are parts that play double roles. First, they are safety components that protect the actual bumper material and the parts in your underhood. Secondly, since they are available in different colors and designs, they are also integral styling factors that make your Honda Civic attractive. With these two roles, damaged bumper covers mean double troubles for your cars. Because of this, you need to take good care of your bumper covers to ensure that your cars are safe and appealing as they should be.

    Wash your Honda Civic bumper covers on a weekly basis.

    Most especially for cars being driven every single day, it is important that you clean at least the bumper covers once a week. The slightest dirt buildup can snowball into something undesirable to the eyes. The worst thing about this buildup is that they can stick to the bumper covers, making it difficult to remove. Before this happens, you need to take good care of your covers. Besides, all you need are rags, car-washing solutions, and vinyl cleaning gel.

    Paint the bumper covers and the mounting brackets.

    Rust is one of the major enemies of bumper covers. A small rust buildup can easily damage the bumper covers to the point where they would just pop out of the car body. To prevent developing of rusts, it is recommended that you apply paint even on the underside of your bumper covers. Since your mounting brackets are also of metal, you may also paint them as well.

    Use fender covers when doing your car repairs.

    While it is completely admirable that you are doing the repair of your cars on your own, certain accidents do happen. Tools and parts can drop into your bumper covers while you are doing these repairs. This can cause dents and cracks which just add up to the things you should fix in your cars. A good means of preventing this is by having fender covers. These are cloth covers that are laid on top of your fenders and bumper covers when doing your repairs, protecting them from possible damage.