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Honda CRX Corner Lights

Common Culprits behind Defective Honda CRX Corner Lights

The corner lights on your Honda CRX function as a marker light and a turn signal. They are a crucial part of the auto's lighting system because they make other drivers aware of your location, and they also signal others the direction you are heading. For a long service life, these parts are made durable, but they are still susceptible to wear and tear overtime. When this time comes, you might find your safety compromised because of flickering and dimming corner lights. If you suspect that your Honda CRX corner lights are already near the end of their service lives, then you had better perform some troubleshooting. Listed below are just some of the common problems encountered with defective corner lights and the reasons behind them.

Dull corner lights

Overtime, the corner lights' ability to light up your way will diminish due to a variety of natural and man-made factors. And since your car corner lights are located at the front of your auto, they are easily subjected to damaging elements, which may cause scratches and spots on the casings. Exhaust fumes, road dirt, debris, rain, and sun-these are all factors that may cause your corner lights to become dull. Luckily, these defects are easily diagnosed. However, replacing the old corner bulbs is the only way to restore the original bulb's lighting power.

Turn signals do not light up

The most probable reason for turn signal failure is a blown fuse. To troubleshoot, check the fuse box, which is usually located left of the steering column, under or on the side of the dash, and facing the door. In order to allow the turn signals to work, the fuses should be free of corrosion. A power or a wiring problem usually prevents the dash turn signal indicators from lighting up.

Flickering corner lights

Flickering corner lights are caused by a lot of reasons, but the most common culprit is a faulty alternator. You can easily test for a defective alternator by using a voltmeter. The voltage reading should ideally be over 14. And in case it reads less, then the alternator should be replaced. Other reasons for flickering corner lights may include loose ground cables or disconnected ignition wires.

Other troubleshooting reminders

Always wear rubber gloves when servicing the corner bulbs. This will prevent damage to the bulbs because skin oil can cause premature wear of light bulbs.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Honda CRX Corner Lights in Optimum Condition

    If you want to enjoy a smooth and safe ride with your Honda CRX, it is crucial that you take care of its corner lights. You see, these lights serve as turn signals so that other drivers know where you are headed. Luckily, keeping them in top shape is easy and affordable. Here are some maintenance reminders to keep your Honda CRX corner lights in optimum condition:

    Remove dirt and debris with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

    An easy and affordable way to remove dirt and debris off of your corner lights is with the use of a dishwashing liquid solution. Simply mix a bowl of warm water with a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and brush the solution to the corner lights with the use of a toothbrush. This cheaper alternative is in fact, safer than using harsher chemicals bought in auto supply stores.

    Use toothpaste to remove clouding.

    As an alternative to damaging cleaners, regular toothpaste may be used because it can easily solve fogging corner light problems. Scrub the corner lights thoroughly, so it will penetrate through the film of fog. Then, make sure to rinse and wipe the corner lights properly once you are finished applying toothpaste. Also, take note that the toothpaste to be used in cleaning should be in paste form, not gel.

    Replace both corner lights when one malfunctions.

    To prevent imbalanced lighting, make sure to replace both corner lights on your auto even if only one malfunctions. Ideally, your corner lights should wear out at the same time. Be aware of how dimmed the lights have become so you can easily prepare for a replacement.

    Replace the fuse.

    Replacing the fuse is just as important as replacing the bulbs. A new set of corner bulbs will not function properly if the fuse is already corroded. It is a good thing that replacing the fuse is easy and does not require much automotive expertise. In fact, you can easily locate the fuse with the help of your service manual.

    Other maintenance reminders

    When servicing or performing maintenance on your auto's corner lights, do not forget to wear rubber gloves to prevent premature wear. You see, the oil from your skin reacts to the bulbs, which then causes early corner bulb failure.