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Honda S2000 Sway Bar Link

Common Honda S2000 Sway Bar Link Troublemakers

You turn your Honda S2000 around the corner, and the swerve just seemed too sharp for your posh sports car to take. Luckily, it didn't result in a roll or any road accident of the like. Thank goodness, you have a well-functioning Honda S2000 sway bar link under your vehicle! See, small as it is, your Honda S2000 sway bar link is enormously important in keeping the balance of your car. Won't you rather keep that balance and the safe driving condition that comes with it? If you say aye, then read on to know more about common Honda S2000 sway bar link troublemakers (and some diagnostic and troubleshooting tips that also come as bonuses!).


If there's one thing you should be wary of over time, that has got to be wear in your Honda S2000 sway bar link. Deterioration equates to poor performance, and you wouldn't want that for your link. So how do you diagnose and fix a worn-out link? Easy: listen for creaking or cracking sounds, especially when your car does a quick turn around a corner or drives over speed bumps. A worn-out Honda S2000 sway bar link is best fixed with replacement. Don't worry too much about the costs and the trouble-Honda S2000 sway bar links are widely available at auto parts stores, and you only need to set aside $15 to $100 from your budget. The price, of course, depends on the brand of your preference. Now, that's not too much weight on your pocket-compared to a snowballed damage on the suspension system-is it?


Although it is a rare occasion, warping can still eat up your Honda S2000 sway bar link. It can have effects similar to a worn-out link, or it can result in a graver outcome. A Honda S2000 sway bar link that has been excessively deformed might detach completely from the wheel assembly and eventually cause wheel function failure. To keep your ride and your passengers safe from such instances, check your wheel assembly as soon as you sense a faulty suspension system. A warped Honda S2000 sway bar link can be easily detected through visual inspection. And similar to a worn-out link, the single most effective solution to this troublemaker is replacement.

Damaged bushings

Included and equally important in your S2000's sway bar assembly are bushings that help secure the sway bar components in place. The bushings also lessen the contact between the links and the other components of the assembly, lessening friction that can contribute to damage or wear. A damaged bushing is, therefore, detrimental to your Honda S2000 sway bar link's performance. If you see a worn-out bushing after checking your car's suspension system, consider replacing the failing part right away.

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  • Honda S2000 Sway Bar Link Care Tips

    Are you interested in showing off the sports car qualities of your Honda S2000? If yes, then you had better check the sway bar assembly of your car first. In particular, inspect your Honda S2000 sway bar links. These pieces may appear small and seemingly insignificant, but their function can go as far as ensuring you a safe ride every time you drive. So you had better make sure that your Honda S2000 sway bar links are secured both on the sway bars and the control arms. Interested in Honda S200 sway bar link upkeep? Read on for some easy maintenance tips.

    Watch out for signs of wear.

    Just like the other parts of your car, your Honda S2000 sway bar links are not completely shielded from elements that may cause their deterioration. Friction is there, to name one. That is why it is also important to always keep an eye out for damages that may already signal deterioration. A deteriorated Honda S2000 sway bar link can malfunction and cause (rather than prevent!) leaning or rolling over of your vehicle. To avert such accidents, make sure you occasionally go under your S2000 for quick check-ups.


    Wear can be easily detected by simple visual inspection, so don't forget to check your Honda S2000 sway bar links when you visit your wheel hub assembly.


    You can also watch out for signs of wear when driving. A worn out Honda S2000 sway bar link usually produces cracking sounds, especially when you go around corners or drive over bumps.


    Lastly, you can also detect wear by being more sensitive when you drive. Chattering wheels while your car is running is a sure sign of Honda S2000 sway bar link wear since damaged links also result in poor or shaky handling.

    Keep the good condition of other sway bar parts.

    To ensure that the optimum condition and performance of your Honda S2000 sway bar link are maintained, it is important to keep the good condition of the other parts too as they work together in a system.

    Replace damaged bushings.

    The bushings in the sway bar assembly are also prone to wearing. These may be damaged or torn over time, requiring replacement. To prevent the possible negative effect on your Honda S2000 sway bar links, replace damaged bushings right away.

    Lubricate the ball-and-socket joint.

    So that you can keep the optimum performance of your Honda S2000 sway bar links, don't forget to lubricate the ball-and-socket joints once in a while. Lack of lubrication in these parts may cause too little or too much movement, especially when your car is cornering.