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Infiniti I30 Radiator Fan

Uncover the Mysterious Problems of Your Infiniti 130 Radiator Fan

Your Infiniti 130 radiator fan is supposed to regulate the hot and cold air inside the cabin so that you and your passengers can keep your cool. The fan is also supposed to circulate the radiator fluid through the radiator while providing cool air to the engine block itself. Because of these important functions, having a broken radiator fan can really make things hard for you. Just like your famous fictional detective, you need to do your own deducing in order to figure out what's wrong with your Infiniti 130 radiator fan.

The mystery of the fuse

Because the radiator fan runs on electricity, one of the first things that fall suspect is the fuse that controls your cooling system. Locate this fuse and thoroughly inspect it for any defects. Replace it immediately if you find any. If you don't find any broken bits or burnt areas, don't let the fuse off the hook just yet. Use a DVOM to see if it has any problems that can't be seen by the naked eye. If nothing turns up, return into its hole.

The mystery of the fan wires

If it's a case of not having your Infiniti's fan kick in after the engine starts, then it could be because of the fan wires. Use a voltmeter to check if both the positive and negative feed wires are putting out 12 volts. Take out these wires if they are faulty and install new ones. Use the voltmeter on the fan relay as well. If this is faulty, find a replacement with the right CFM rating.

The mystery of the fan clutch

The fan clutch isn't some mysterious artifact, but it does have some value to your Infiniti. It can turn your radiator fan even as it holds it against the engine. You'll be able to tell when this piece is burnt out or broken so replace it when you see any problems.

The mystery of the temperature sensor

If your radiator fan doesn't come on even after your Infiniti becomes hotter under the hood, then your problem could lie with a faulty temperature sensor. This component is guilty of not noticing that your engine is about to overheat, so you'll need to take it out and get a new one.

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  • Keeping Cool while Maintaining Your Infiniti 130 Radiator Fan

    A hot head will find it difficult to keep calm and just carry on. Similarly, your engine will find it almost impossible to keep working if you don't have your Infiniti 130 radiator fan to help keep it cool. This electrical car part not only prevents your engine from overheating, it also circulates the air inside your radiator, and it helps with your cabin's air conditioning. Here are a few tips for keeping it in tip-top shape:

    Clean it right.

    Even if you've only recently replaced your radiator fan, you can be sure that it has already accumulated a lot of dirt and grease. So, you'll need to degrease it regularly to ensure that it keeps working well. To do so, you need to start by taking the radiator fan out of your Infiniti 130's engine bay so you can set it on top of your workspace. Then, dip a soft rag into a degreasing solution and rub it all over the fan. Be careful not to exert too much force so you don't bend or break your fan's blades. Remove the grime from the fan's housing as well. Finally, don't forget to use pipe cleaners to clean the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of your fan.

    Don't remove your fan shroud.

    If your Infiniti 130 radiator comes with a fan shroud, you shouldn't remove it just because you think it's a useless addition. It actually enhances your fan's performance since it can direct the cooled air to the radiator. This is especially important when you're car is stalled in traffic and it doesn't have any other source of air to cool your radiator down except your fan.

    Find other ways to cool your engine.

    Your Infiniti's fan will need to work extra hard if it's the only one cooling down the engine bay. If you can find other ways of customizing your car parts so that you can get extra cooling, then your radiator fan won't need to work as much.

    Replace a faulty fan motor.

    If your Infiniti fan motor has seen a lot of rust and other damages or if it's making odd sounds, then it might be time to retire the old fellow. Doing so will give you a much better performance and it will go a long way in extending the radiator fan's life.