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Jaguar S Type Tail Light Assembly

Symptoms and Causes of Jaguar S Type Tail Light Assembly Problems

Classy, elegant, and sophisticated-these words describe the Jaguar S Type best. Because it is produced by one of the leading names in the car industry, this model is expected to have extremely powerful features. But no car is perfect. Even great cars, especially those with fragile and sensitive components, fail. The Jaguar S Type Tail Light assembly is one of those damage-prone parts; hence it must receive utmost protection and care. When it begins to fail, the right troubleshooting procedure must be done in order to fix the problem ASAP.

A single tail light stops working

When only one bulb in the entire Jaguar S type tail light assembly doesn't light up, the problem lies from the busted bulb itself. What you need to do is inspect the filament of the bulb and see if it's broken. You need to take the bulb out of the car completely to see it clearly. The bulbs can be accessed easily by removing the lens cover.

Two or more lights stop working

When multiple bulbs suddenly stopped working, it can be a sign of a blown fuse. Open the fuse box to check the condition of the fuse. The location of the tail-light fuse depends on the particular model and year of the Jaguar S Type. Check your vehicle owner's manual to confirm the placement of the fuse and the right Amp to be used. After finding the right fuse, use an ohmmeter to find out if it has power or voltage. If the reading says zero voltage, it means that the bulb is already exhausted. Do the same procedure for the bulb sockets. Sockets may also lose power due to corrosion and dirt.

Rust on wires and harnesses

If you have already confirmed that the bulbs and the fuse are still in good condition, but the tail lights are still not working, the problem may be coming from rusty wires and wire connections. Corrosion hampers the flow of electricity in the car's electrical system causing the tail lights to flicker and eventually conk out completely. That's why it is necessary to check for physical damage on the wires regularly to see the early sign of corrosion. Don't forget to examine the wire endings and connections if they are still firmly soldered to one another.

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  • Keeping Your Jaguar S Type Tail Light Assembly in Tip-Top Shape

    The Jaguar S Type tail light assembly can lose its efficiency due to several reasons. It may begin to incur damage not just because of natural causes such as wear and tear. When you get involved in a road accident, and another vehicle hits the bumper of your car, the tail lights can get severely damaged. Because of these destructive factors, you must take extra care of the sensitive tail lights. Not only because you want to avoid the hassles of replacing them, but also to save yourself from the costly expense of buying a new light assembly. Check out the following maintenance tips that would teach you how to keep your tail lights in good condition.

    • Stop corrosion.
    • Corrosion is the number one enemy of the wires and the bulb sockets of the Jaguar S Type tail light assembly. To get rid of rust, spray an ample amount of electrical contact cleaner on the affected parts. Spray cleaner into the pins but do not over do it. Leave it for five minutes to let the cleaner dissolve stubborn rust. Wipe off rust residue with a clean rag. For the pins, it's best to use a steel brush with soft bristles to remove rust and dirt gently.
    • Clear the tail light lenses.
    • The lenses are the outermost component in the tail light assembly. Since they are always exposed to outside factors, these lenses eventually become clouded or foggy. When this happens, you have to clear them right away, so the other motorists can differentiate your tail lights from your brake lights. There are plastic cleaners available in the market that efficiently eliminates oxidation from your car's lenses. You may also try washing them with your regular dishwashing liquid at home.
    • Keep the tail light assembly polished.
    • Applying a polishing compound on the components of the tail light assembly will not only make them look squeaky clean. It will also offer more protection from the damaging effects of rain and heat. Just remember this when applying polish: don't let it get to your car's paint because it might ruin the color and finish. Wrap the tail light edges and corners first with a painter's tape before using the spray polish.