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Jaguar XJS Window Motor

Common Causes of Problems in a Jaguar Xjs Window Motor

Since today's cars are now built with electric windows, opening and closing your car's window are now just a press of a button away. However, the motors that enable your windows to move up and down may not always be in their best condition especially if they don't get the regular maintenance they require. Although troubleshooting a Jaguar Xjs' window motor can be a simple and straightforward task, it would still be best to make yourself familiar with the common causes of these problems in your window switch and motors.

No voltage at the motor

If you have done a test for voltage at the motor wiring connections using a test light and the test shows no voltage, this could be a possible sign of an open or short circuit. Corrosion at the wire connections may also cause this problem as it prevents proper flow through the connection. If this is the case, you may consult your car's service manual and check if your model comes with a fuse or a circuit breaker. Make sure to use an ohmmeter to check if the circuit breaker is in good working condition.

One of the windows does not work

A bad switch is one of the most possible reasons why one of your Jaguar Xjs' windows do not move even when your press the buttons. Other problems that may cause this failure include a faulty wiring circuit between the door motor and switch or a faulty wiring in the motor power or ground circuit. This problem can be solved by bypassing the switch and route power directly to the motor by using a fused jumper wire.

Both of the car's windows got stuck

Windows getting stuck is a common issue with electrically powered windows and it can be caused by a lot of other problems. Sometimes, this problem may be caused by a gummed up switch. This can be easily resolved by cleaning the switch with a Q-tip dipped in a rubbing alcohol and applied around the switch. Loose wirings are also one of the reasons why windows get stuck. So if you spot loose connections, tighten them properly.

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  • Tips On How To Keep Your Jaguar Xjs Window Motors In Good Condition

    Your car's window motors are the ones responsible for the smooth opening and closing of your windows. These motors are made up of several gears that allow it to function automatically with just one touch of the button. However, these gears also have the tendency to malfunction and may cause a window motor failure. But before dishing out on a new set of window motors, it would be best to make yourself familiar with the following maintenance tips that you can do for your own window motors. Aside from saving you money, it may even prolong the life of your Jaguar Xjs window motors.

    • Clean your window motor from the inside.
    • One way to keep your window motors running smoothly is by making sure it's clean on the inside. All you have to do is remove a few screws and plastic clips from the door panel and take off the panel from the door's frame. Remove the motor then thoroughly clean it from the shaft all the way to the casing and the brushes. It would also help to lubricate the main drive gear and both ends of the shaft. Make sure that the brushes don't move out of place so that they perfectly aligned in the middle section when you put them back on the shaft.
    • Use a good electrical contact cleaner.
    • When it comes to cleaning your window motor contacts, it is best to avoid using Q-tips and alcohol to get rid of the build-up of black crud. To make sure that the brushes are still in electrical contact with the spinning part of the motor, invest in a good quality contact cleaner that will help dissolve all the crud from the contact. Simply spray contact cleaner on the motor housing until all the crud ooze out.
    • Use the reset button.
    • If you notice that your windows are not working as properly as before, check the window sensor or motor immediately. If the sensors detect that your windows are not positioned correctly, resetting the window motors may allow it to properly track the window's movements and position again. This procedure is also helpful when your windows get stuck in a certain position and doesn't move even when you press the buttons. All you have to do is find the reset switch or button which is usually located behind the motor. You may also access this reset switch through the door panel.