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Jeep Cherokee Sport Parts and Jeep Cherokee Sport Accessories

The Cherokee design has remained mostly unchanged since its debut in the early 1960's, when the Wagooneer was a large truck-based SUV. The former Cherokee shared most everything with the Wagooneer, including the dimensions and the engine selections. But there are also some major differences between the two; the Cherokee is available only as a two-door, with the same wheelbase and length as the Wagoneer, and the Cherokee cost less than the more luxurious Wagoneer. Jeep Cherokee Sports Parts have always been high quality. It really gives your car the best performance on the road.
When it comes to the trim styling, the Cherokee was severe and tight with its muscular wheel well flares and a tall body that gives a good visibility for the driver and the passenger. The interior has been continuing this theme with a likewise simple dash and control layout. There are also some changes to the Cherokee in general that includes the addition of the front headrests and passenger assist handles. The two-wheel drive versions are now offered for those who didn't need the capabilities of a four-wheel drive, but a few of the new options were introduced as well, such a keyless entry and a Renault-sourced, four-cylinder, turbodiesel engine.
There are certain changes from the Jeep Cherokee Sport as the years passes by. In the late 1990, the safety for the Cherokee was improved through the addition of three-point seatbelts for all outboard occupants, and a new overhead console on the limited featured a compass, outside is a thermometer and a storage compartments for a garage door control and sunglasses. The Cherokee have become and continued to be one of the popular choices for those who are looking for a manageable and capable SUV. They even brought out safety and reliability. The Cherokee has improved and even achieved a more cohesive appearance via softened corners at the nose and tail and with wheel well flares that is blended into the bumper ends. With its effort to improve the build quality, the Jeep has even made changes to the plant that made the body panels, using a new reconditioned stamping dies and tighter tolerances, where more testing is done that includes all electrical functions and the increased use of the robotic paint sprayers as well.