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Jeep Cherokee Axle U Bolt Kit

Signs Telling You It is Time to Buy a Jeep Cherokee New Axle U Bolt Kit

The axle u bolt is located in each of your drive shafts or axles. It is known to be the easiest, safest, and most economical way of attaching the axle to the leaf spring of your SUV. However, since it is exposed to a lot of suspension vibrations and constant rotation of the drive shaft, the axle u bolt is prone to damage and corrosion. With this, you need to give special attention to this part. Following are some signs that you need to purchase a new Jeep Cherokee axle u bolt kit to replace the old bolts:

Clunking noise

Over time, the axle u bolt stretches because of the stress it is constantly subjected to. When this happens, there would be a gap between the axle and the leaf spring. This causes a clunking noise as the two components bang into each other while the vehicle is running. If you experience this clunking sound, one of the components you need to check is the axle u bolt as it may have totally stretched. In this case, you need to look for a Jeep Cherokee Axle u bolt kit to replace the stretched one.

Vibrating axles

Since the axle u bolt is responsible for the secured position of the axle in your vehicle, a vibrating axle is caused by a broken, loose, or corroded u bolt. If you notice that your drive shaft is vibrating, it is recommended to immediately replace the u bolt. Driving with the U bolt broken can be very dangerous as it can give in anytime and cause the axle to run out of its place.

Stuck axle u bolt

The axle u bolt can get stuck to the point that it can even break your ratchet. This issue is commonly caused by tightening the bolt with excessive force or when the bolt is cross-threaded with the nut. With this, there is no other option but to cut through the stuck u bolt in order to remove it. Keep in mind that whenever a u bolt is removed, it should not be reinstalled. The u bolt tends to stretch once it is installed and if it is reused, it might cause suspension problems to your vehicle.

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  • Making Your Jeep Cherokee Axle U Bolt Kit Components Last

    Your Jeep Cherokee axle u bolt kit is complete with different vehicle components such as the axle u bolt and nut. These components work hand-in-hand in securing the position of the axle of your SUV. With this, you need to make sure they last and serve your vehicle well. Following are some tips for you:

    Make sure the axle u bolt is tightly installed.

    The axle u bolt is all about having a secure and tight position. Otherwise, it would not be able to hold the axle well. This aspect lies on the nut that connects the u bolt to the leaf spring. With this in mind, you need to make sure the nut is installed with the correct torque. This ensures that the u bolt would not get loose and cause suspension problems on your vehicle.

    Retighten the u bolt nut every two weeks.

    The u bolt thread tends to stretch and become loose in its place especially when your SUV is used each day with heavy load. This can be a safety risk because it allows the axle to change its place and make you lose control of your SUV. Because of this, you should always make sure the nut is safely secured on the u bolt. You can do this by retightening the nut every two weeks with the use of a torque wrench.

    Never reuse an axle u bolt.

    Due to the vibrations and torque applied on the nut, the axle u bolt tends to stretch. While it may still hold the axle while it is in place, it may not be able to do so once it is removed. This is because a stretched u bolt would not be able to hold the torque which will be applied on the nut during reinstallation. When one axle u bolt is removed, it is recommended to purchase a new Jeep Cherokee axle u bolt kit.

    Grease the axle u bolt thread during installation.

    It is very important to have the nut secured tightly on the u bolt. That being said, you should mind the threads on the u bolt and nut that mate together. A way to make sure the threads join well is by applying silicone grease on them upon installation.