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Jeep Cherokee Window Handle

Jeep Cherokee Window Handle Troubleshooting

Most modern vehicle come with automatic or power windows while many vehicles still come with the standard manual windows that require a crank or handle. Having manual windows may seem old school, but it's pretty convenient given the fact that it allows you to operate the windows without the need for battery power. Now, while you may experience some problems with your Jeep Cherokee window handle, it's rare that the actual handle is the issue; more often than not, the real problem resigns in the window mechanism within your door. Nevertheless, here are some helpful troubleshooting tips for your window handle.

Window crank is stuck.

If your window handle won't budge and won't roll the window up, then you'll have to check the inner workings of your door panel. Remove the window handle then remove the door panel as well. From there, grease the window mechanism using lubricant such as WD-40 in order to get stuck rollers to move again. If that doesn't work, then check for slipped gaskets as well as damaged or obstructed rollers and gears. In addition to that, inspect the connection between the handle and the window mechanism.

The window drops.

Does your window glass slide back down after you've already cranked it up? If this is the scenario with you, then you'll want to check your window mechanism within the door panel. This problem is likely caused by a misaligned or loose component. All you need to do is make sure everything is securely connected and properly aligned and your window should be fine.

The handle isn't effective.

When the window handle can be rotated but with absolutely no effect on the mirror class, then you likely have a faulty connection on your hands. Open up the door panel and see to it that your handle is connected to the window mechanism.

Window doesn't roll up/down evenly.

If your window glass doesn't roll up or down evenly or smoothly, then you likely have a problem with the adhesive that holds your window in place. After removing the door panel, check the adhesive of the window and have it replaced if necessary.

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  • Jeep Cherokee Window Handle Maintenance

    Keeping your Jeep Cherokee window handle in tip-top shape will enable you to operate your windows without any problems. And if you want to keep your window usage hassle free, then follow these helpful maintenance tips.

    Lubricate your window

    After some time, your window handle good get jammed due to stuck, misaligned, or damaged rotors and gears from the window mechanism inside the door panel. When this happens, you're unable to roll your window up or down, which could be a real pain in the neck. Luckily, a little lubricant can go a long way in this regard. First, you should realign the rotors and gears and replace any damaged components. Afterwards, lubricate the mechanism with WD-40. This should allow your rotors to perform smoothly and enable you to use your window handle without any problems.

    Replace the mirror adhesive

    As soon as your window glass begins to roll up or down unevenly, open up the door panel and check the adhesive holding your window glass in place. It will likely be worn out and deemed ineffective. When this happens, just have the adhesive replaced and you should have your window working like a charm again.

    Don't abuse the handle

    The window handle really is a simple device and one that will last quite a while as long as you don't abuse it. Don't yank it or crank it roughly; make sure to use it properly. In addition to that, see to it that there are no hazards such as bag straps that can loop around the handle and damage it once you leave with your bag. Just be mindful of how your use your window handle and you'll be able to extend its product service life.

    Protect your doors

    Minor accidents on the road or in the mall parking lot may leave dents on our doors, but little do we know what damage these accidents really cause to our vehicles. In fact, when your door is struck by another vehicle, the window mechanism within it can get damaged. This would render your handle ineffective when it comes to operating your window. So by avoiding accidents, you could keep your window handle and window mechanism performing outstandingly.