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Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumper

What does the name of the Jeep Grand Cherokee tells us about the vehicle? There are actually a lot of things. First, the vehicle is a Jeep and therefore a true and capable off-road vehicle. Second, the vehicle is a spin-off of the Jeep Cherokee, a vehicle which have shown the world how Jeep vehicles perform on the off-road track since 1974. And lastly, the word "Grand" in the Jeep Grand Cherokee name tells us that the vehicle is larger, more capable and more terrific than the already outstanding Jeep Cherokee; all of these characteristics made possible by the modern, innovative and high quality parts that Jeep Grand Cherokees are equipped with.

When talking about Jeep Grand Cherokee parts, we're not only talking about the powerful engine and the capable mechanical components that enable the vehicle to traverse rugged off-road trails. Equally important in Jeep Grand Cherokees are their various body parts that are made to outlast all sorts of hazards, damages and minor accidents on the off-road environment. Among these parts are the tough and rigid Jeep Grand Cherokee bumpers mounted on the front and rear ends of the vehicle.

Bumpers are traditional safety components for vehicles whose main function is to cushion the vehicle in minor and low-speed collisions. The bumpers do so by absorbing as much impact during collisions, preventing such collisions from bringing too much damage to the vehicle's passengers and various other components. Originally, almost all bumpers were made of heavy steel, allowing them to absorb much impact without incurring much damage. Many bumpers that we have today, however, are now made from a variety of materials other than steel, like plastic, rubber, or painted light metal, making them more susceptible to damages during collisions. Nonetheless, these bumpers can still do their functions well because most of them are equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders that act as shock absorbers.

Bumpers are very important vehicle components. This is the primary reason why Jeep Grand Cherokees are equipped with high quality, tough and rigid Jeep Grand Cherokee bumpers. And as a bonus function, Jeep Grand Cherokee front and rear bumpers are also stylishly designed to give the SUV a sporty and aggressive look.