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Jeep Grand Cherokee Door Handle

Common Problems Encountered with Jeep Grand Cherokee Door Handle

Door handles are one of the most underrated parts of a car. Their main purpose is for entry and exit. Sometimes, people slam the doors of their cars without even thinking about what they would do when the door handles give up on them. This could lead to dire consequences such as you never being able to open or close your car. Door handles need to be taken care of simply because you rely on them to get inside your car. Here are a few problems encountered when dealing with door handles on a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Broken door handle

Jeep Grand Cherokee models of the 2005 series and up seem to be suspect of really faulty door handles. There were talks of a recall of these models because of this problem. Apparently, the door handles on these cars seem to have a weak point. This particular weak door handle is found in the interior of the car. A quick fix would have you replacing the door handles on your Jeep Grand Cherokee with aftermarket parts which are sturdier.

Stuck door latch

Another serious problem that is connected to the door handles are the car latches. Car latches are responsible for keeping your doors closed during travel time, and for keeping you and all the occupants of the car safe. However, a broken or faulty latch can pose serious problems on a car. If you own an old car, and have been troubled by your doors recently, it may be a sign of a door latch finally giving up on you.

Brittle plastic

Most car door handles are made of plastic, as it is pliant and easy to mold. Being made of plastic, however, makes the Grand Cherokee door handle a tough customer to keep. Plastic takes a lot of beating from wear and tear over time. In old cars, most plastic door handles become brittle, and they have the tendency to break apart with very little impact. Take extra care when opening and closing doors, especially in older vehicles.

Other important issues

There are many other things to look out for in door handles, but the most important thing to do is to replace it once it shows signs of breaking up. It could present a lot of problems for you if you decide to delay on it. Depending on the design of your door, you may either be able to get inside to fix your door handle and replace it.

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  • How to Keep Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Door Handle Working for You

    Ever had fits because of a single car door that won't budge? Your car handle may have gone bad. It normally happens to cars which are old and haven't aged gracefully. Even more usual is that interior door handles on a car are the ones which are prone to breaking down than those on the outside. If you don't want to get stuck out of your car with no way of getting in, or stuck inside, unable to get out, follow these simple tips in keeping your car door handles working for you.

    Replace all four door handles

    Jeep Grand Cherokees of the 2005 models are infamous for their faulty door handles. These have been known to cause a lot of headache for owners. The only possible solution to making the most out of this mess, however, is to change all the door handles on your car. Fixing the interior door handles of your Jeep Grand Cherokee will help make sure that such problems will no longer visit you and other occupants of the car.

    Check your door handles regularly

    Door handles are important because they allow you and others to get in and out of a car. If your door handles give up on you, you never know what kind of accidents or injuries you can get. It is important to have your car door handles checked every one in a while. You doing this can help cut or save costs from having your car serviced.

    Replace broken or loose door handles

    This can be applied to any other car besides your Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you notice that your car door handle is broken or loose, don't hesitate to have it replaced or changed out. Crimping on costs by trying to remedy your door handle may have serious consequences, especially if you really don't have a basic idea of how it works. Replace them with the same type of parts or OEM parts designed for your specific car model.

    Other useful tips

    Do not scrimp or cut on replacing your door handles. There are many benefits from having your door handles replaced. Newer and better designed door handles can help raise the value and look of your car. They can also be better and last longer than your currently installed door handles.