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Jeep Grand Cherokee Headlight Adjust Screw

Jeep Grand Cherokee Headlight Adjust Screw Troubleshooting Tricks

Your Jeep Grand Cherokee headlight adjust screws may be small, but they are essential to ensure that your headlights are aligned and working properly. They hold the headlights in position, and they also prevent the lights from falling off. However, over time, these screws also wear out just like all the other steel components of your car. Inevitably, you will experience some headlight-related problems once your Jeep Grand Cherokee headlight adjust screw wears out or goes missing. Here's how you can diagnose some of these problems:

Misaligned headlights

If you've noticed that your headlights are not aimed properly, then you should adjust them so that you can see the road clearly. First, you need to conduct a test to check whether your headlights are properly aimed or not. Find a place where you can park your car facing the wall. Park your car about 10 to 12 feet away from the wall and turn your headlights on to check the illumination. The beam should be lower than your vehicle's hood line. If you think that there is a need to adjust the lights, you can adjust the headlight adjust screws at the back or on top of your headlight housing. If you can't locate the screws, refer to your vehicle's manual to know how to adjust the headlights.

Loose screws

Due to age and weather damage, the headlight adjust screws could wear out and become loose. When this happens, your headlight loses support, making it more susceptible to fall or to be misaligned. Check your headlight adjust screws if they are still intact. Tighten loose screws if necessary to keep them from getting lost. Just make sure to use the proper screwdriver or tool and don't over-tighten them to avoid damaging the screws. Inspect their condition as well to ensure that they are not going to wear out any time soon. If the screws are already rusty, replace them with new ones to keep them from falling off. If there is any missing screw, replace it immediately with a new one to ensure that your headlights are in their proper position.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Headlight Adjust Screw Available Years

  • How to Maintain Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Headlight Adjust Screw

    When it comes to maintaining your headlight assembly, keep in mind that you are not only taking care of the lenses and the bulbs, but also the smallest components that make it up. The Jeep Grand Cherokee headlight adjust screws are equally important to the assembly as they keep the lights intact. They also make it possible for you to adjust the headlights if ever they became misaligned. Here are some useful tips that you can use to keep your headlight adjust screws in good condition:

    Use them properly.

    The headlight adjust screws are obviously used to adjust the headlights based on the proper aim. So if you have been adjusting your headlights frequently, make sure to turn the screws properly and carefully. These small components, though made of steel, are prone to breakage or damage, especially when abused. If they are damaged already, replace them immediately with new ones. This is to ensure that you will not have a hard time adjusting your headlights.

    Keep them tight.

    Whenever you adjust the headlights, make sure that the headlight adjust screws are secured into place to keep them from falling off. If you see something wrong with the screws, replace them with new ones immediately.

    Replace rusty screws.

    Corrosion is the number one culprit when it comes to steel components like the headlight adjust screw. Since this part is exposed to all types of weather conditions, it is inevitable that they will succumb to corrosion sooner or later. So if upon visual inspection you found out that your stock headlight adjust screws are already corroded, then it is time to replace them with new ones. Keeping rusty screws only makes it more prone to getting lost or even making the other components susceptible to rust.

    Keep them clean.

    As much as possible, keep your headlight adjust screws from any dirt or rust buildup that could make it prone to premature wear. You can use a clean cloth to remove any dirt that could keep them from turning smoothly. Make sure that they is always in proper working order. Replace any damaged screws immediately.