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Jeep Grand Cherokee Hood

Dealing with the Common Causes of Jeep Grand Cherokee Hood Trouble

A Jeep Grand Cherokee hood in perfect condition is very important not only for maintaining the nice looks of your vehicle but also for making sure that all the vital components beneath it are well protected. However, with constant exposure to the elements and to minor accidents, your hood can eventually become damaged. Here are some of the most common problems with your Jeep Grand Cherokee hood:

Defective latch and hinges

When your Grand Cherokee's hood latch and hinges become worn out, there's a big chance that your hood will become difficult to open or completely stuck. However, problematic hinges and a damaged latch can also present a bigger and more dangerous issue for you. In some cases, loose or missing hinges or a failing latch can make your hood pop open and obscure your vision while you're driving at high speeds. Try to visually inspect your latch and hinges for signs of damage and replace them if necessary.

Corrosion damage

As a big hunk of metal, your hood can also be quite prone to rust. For the most part, corrosion usually eats away at your hinges and latches. However, if the rust begins to damage a good portion of your hood, you will need to patch up your hood or replace it immediately. Unattended rust holes can expose very important components in your engine bay to water, mud, snow, and other debris. You can usually just apply some antirust spray to repair the small rust spots, but take note that this cheap and quick fix can also leave your hood looking quite unattractive.

Dents, scratches, and peeling paint

Your hood covers a big part of your Jeep's body. It is also one of the first things that people notice in your vehicle, so it is only fitting to immediately fix any dents and scratches on your hood. If you have been involved in a fender bender recently, there is a good chance that your bumper, fenders, and hood have all sustained some damage. Be sure to examine if your hood's paint job is holding up as well since constant exposure to the sun can also result in peeling hood paint.

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  • Tips in Preserving your Jeep Grand Cherokee Hood

    Your Jeep Grand Cherokee hood is the first thing that people would notice in your vehicle. That's why it's very important to always make it look good. You need to protect it from scratches, dents, and other factors that can ruin its entire shape and form. Preserve your hood by doing the following steps:

    Keep it clean.

    Wash your hood regularly to remove, dust, mud, and soot that takes away the hood's natural luster. You don't need to buy any special cleaners because ordinary detergents are good enough. To prevent dirt buildup, clean your hood once every week.

    Inspect the hood for damage.

    Periodic visual inspection of the hood is necessary to find scratches and dents. Physical damage is repairable so there's no need to worry. You just have to find them as early as possible so they won't get worse.

    Remove rust.

    Removing all of the rust on your hood is very easy as long as you have the right tools. You'll need a grinder and phosphoric acid to eliminate corrosion. Remember that you have to remove all rust to prevent it from coming back. Use the grinder to scrape off the hood surface. For stubborn rust debris, pour phosphoric acid. Be careful when applying this product. Wear safety goggles and gloves for ultimate protection.

    Repair scratches on your hood.

    You won't like it when your hood has lots of scratches and grazes. They can totally ruin the look of your hood. But there's no need to worry because scratches can be treated. Simply sand the damaged area using a 1000-grit sandpaper. Apply a coating of body putty to even out the hood surface to get of that annoying chafe.

    Tap out dents.

    Dents, just like scratches, are painful to the eyes. Therefore, you must eliminate them to preserve your good-looking hood. To remove dents, simply hit the opposite side of the damaged area with a lightweight hammer. After you even out the hood surface, repaint the hood to clear out any trace of the previous dent.

    Make it shine.

    When you're done with wash and repair, it's time to buff the hood to make it shine. Use a microfiber cloth to polish your hood. Don't forget to apply wax to add even more luster. This product also adds protection against UV rays and moisture.