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Jeep Grand Cherokee Lift Strut

Some Problems of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Lift Strut

The lift strut of your Jeep Grand Cherokee that holds the SUV's rear hatch or liftgate is a heavy-duty component that is much used when you have to load or unload a cargo. However, it will eventually weaken and lose its strength through constant use and abuse. If this happens, you'll most likely notice several symptoms. Here are some common signs that can help you determine if the lift strut of your vehicle already needs to be replaced.

The rear lift hatch won't stay open.

This problem is typical for Jeep Grand Cherokees that have been used for a long time. The lift strut is most likely near the end of its service life and is in need of a replacement. However, if this problem occurs on a model with only three years or below under its belt, then you have to check the lift strut immediately.

Water is leaking inside the vehicle's compartment.

Water that leaks inside your car can be caused by several things which include a busted lift strut and the strut mount. You can find where the leak is coming in by hosing the hatch with water. The first place you should observe closely is the location of the lift strut, then the strut mount. If the leak is indeed coming from these parts, then a good way to prevent it is by applying a seam sealer or silicone on the cracked surface.

A squeaking noise is coming from the hatch.

When there's a squeaking noise from the rear hatch of your car every time you drive over uneven roads, that sound maybe caused by a broken hatch strut or strut mount. You should also check the seam sealer if it is already cracked because the cracks can get worse.

Other troubleshooting tips

If the hatch of your Jeep SUV is automatic or functions with a remote controller, then you have to check its fuse and wiring system when you experience a problem when opening or closing the hatch. You should also check the controller's battery if it needs replacement.

Another thing you have to observe with the hatch strut of your vehicle is the force that they exert. Just like the hatch struts of other vehicles, the lift struts of your Jeep should exert the same amount of force. Otherwise, they may destroy the hinges or the window of your car.

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  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Lift Strut: Tips to Keep It Working Properly

    The lift strut of your Jeep Grand Cherokee has a simple task of supporting the hatch when you open and close it. It may be taken for granted while it is still working fine; but when it malfunctions, it can be a cause very annoying problems like failure to open or keep the tailgate up. Here's a list of cleaning and maintenance tips that can help prolong the service life of your SUV's lift strut.

    • Keep the lift strut free from dust and grit.
    • Maintaining your car's lift strut and strut rod free from dust and grit can help prolong the strut's service life. You can do this by polishing its surface with a dry, smooth cloth and a small amount of car wax. Don't apply silicone or any type of material that will only attract dust and grit. Also, don't let sundry substances like ice cream and ketchup or adhesive form tape stick on the surface of the lift strut. These sticky substances will only attract dust and grit that will cause the lift strut to wear down faster.
    • Avoid objects than can scratch or destroy the strut rod.
    • If you need to place a sign on the mirror of the tailgate, avoid using a spring-loaded binder clamp or any similar material because they may leave scratches when they hit the strut rod. Likewise, refrain from using abrasive household cleaners on the hatch because you might accidentally wipe it on the strut rod.
    • Use the right type of tool when removing the lift strut.
    • Check the type of screw used on the lift strut whether it's a Torx, Philips, or Allen screw. Make sure that you only use the right type of tool when removing the screw. Otherwise, it may cause the screw head to be stripped and difficult to remove.
    On more tipThe hatch of your Jeep Grand Cherokee will open slowly once you've released the handle. You don't have to force it upward and slam it back when you close it because you'll only damage some of its parts. Worse, it could be the reason why the mirror of your hatch could break.