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Jeep Grand Cherokee Starter

Jeep Grand Cherokee Starter: Usual Problems and Quick Solutions

One part that your Jeep Grand Cherokee can't function without is the starter. Without this part, your Grand Cherokee will be useless because it won't be able to start. Listed below are some of the problems and signs that you need to watch out for, so you won't end up with a dead vehicle:

Clicking sounds

If your Jeep Grand Cherokee is making clicking noises whenever you start it, then you'd better pop the hood and inspect the starter for any sign of damage. Usually, these sounds are produced because there is insufficient current to start your vehicle. If they are overlooked, your Grand Cherokee may suffer from various performance issues. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved especially if you have the right tools and a replacement starter on hand. However, make sure that your new starter is designed to fit your vehicle's make and model. Also, don't forget to refer to your owner's manual for the correct torque of the starter.

Vehicle won't start

Another sign that your starter is about to fail is if your vehicle won't start. Although this does not mean that this part has totally failed, you still need to take a look at it to make sure that other problems will not ensue. In case you want to take your Grand Cherokee to a service center to have it checked, you can try cleaning the cable clamps and terminals around the starter to make it work long enough to reach your destination. If this does not work, you can also try hitting the starter with something hard like a wrench. However, make sure that you know where this part is located, so you won't damage other parts.

Strained cranking

Aside from the aforementioned problems, your Jeep Grand Cherokee may also have a hard time cranking because of a faulty starter. If this is the case, you can try rebuilding this part to save some money. Just make sure that you have the right tools such as copper connectors, a growler, a socket wrench, and a screwdriver to finish the task. Also, don't forget to refer to your owner's manual to familiarize yourself with the components of your vehicle's starter. However, if you don't want to take a risk, then just have your starter replaced immediately.

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  • Simple Tips to Make Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Last

    The starter of your Jeep Grand Cherokee is a very important car part because it plays an important role in delivering current to your engine. However, if its good condition is not properly maintained, your starter will not last for a long time. So you will get the most out of your starter, check out the maintenance listed below:

    Rebuild your Jeep Grand Cherokee starter when necessary.

    Over time, your vehicle's starter will become faulty due to the varying temperatures in the engine and other factors. However, if you want to prolong the service life of this particular part, then you can choose to rebuild it in case some of its components are showing signs of wear and tear. To do this, make sure that you have several copper connectors and a growler on hand. Aside from these, you also need a few simple tools such as a socket wrench and a screwdriver. In addition, refer to your owner's manual, so you will get the right part names and numbers for your vehicle's make and model.

    Clean the cable clamps and terminals of the starter routinely.

    Because of road debris and other contaminants that enter the engine, the terminals and cable clamps of your Jeep Grand Cherokee's starter become ineffective. This is because the dirt that forms around them disrupt the flow of electrical current by forming a resistance. To avoid this problem, make sure that you will clean the starter routinely by using a sheet of very fine sandpaper. However, make sure that you will not rub the components too hard because this may cause damage to the contact areas.

    Inspect the cables of the starter system before taking your vehicle out for a drive.

    If you want your starter to last, make sure that you will inspect all its cables before taking your Jeep Grand Cherokee for a drive. Usually, because of torn or broken wires, the engine will not start. Aside from the engine, the other parts of your vehicle will also not work because of small electrical current loses. And so, make sure that you will check your cables and terminals routinely. In case they are damaged, replace them immediately to ensure optimum performance.