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Jeep Grand Cherokee Window Motor

Usual Signs of a Problematic Jeep Grand Cherokee Window Motor

You may not notice it much, but your SUV's power window feature is a very convenient way of controlling your vehicle. Through this, you can close or open all of your windows with just a flick of a switch. This is all thanks to your window motor, an electrical component located in each of your doors. This part is prone to various problems that can make it stop from working. When you encounter these, you should be aware that your window motor is the first place to look at. Following are some signs that tell you to check your Jeep Grand Cherokee window motor.

Burned smell

When you smell something burning in your cabin while you are pressing your window switch, one window motor is surely toasted. This happens when this electrical component carries too much load. This is most likely to happen when there is an obstruction on your window glass, making the motor work harder than it should. Also, it may be caused by a sticking window switch that keeps on telling the window motor to work even though the window is closed or opened already.

Flickering interior lights

This happens when your power window motor is not working well to the point where the relay is delivering more voltage to it. This setup affects the dashboard and interior lights. If you see these lights flicker or dim while trying to activate your power window, your window motor may be damaged.

Grinding noise

When you hear humming or grinding noise inside your door panel, your Jeep Grand Cherokee window motor is starting to fail. The internal gears and parts of the motor gets rusted over time especially when water and moisture make their way into the part. This can cause your window motor to work noisily. This sound eventually leads to total motor failure. When this happens, you should replace the motor for smoother window operations.

Slow window operations

If your window is moving sluggishly, there may be an issue with either your window regulator or window motor. When you experience this, check your window regulator first. You can do this by taking out the door panel. If the window regulator is intact and good, you may suspect a bad window motor. This can be a sign that the motor is at the end of its lifespan.

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  • Keeping Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Window Motor Away from Damage

    One of the most neglected parts in your SUV is your window motor. This is the electrical component that makes your power window feature work perfectly. It provides you with easy access to your cabin by electronically opening your windows. Likewise, it secures the interiors of your vehicle by locking up when the window is closed. With this, an issue with your window motor entails a lot of problems to your safety and convenience. So you need to take good care of this part and make sure it is far from damage. Here's how:

    Clean your window motor from time to time.

    Your window motor works best when it is smoothly turning. However, dirt and dust may accumulate inside the motor over time. When this happens, the turning of the motor's gears is affected. To make sure this electrical component is free from dirt and dust, you need to clean it every now and then. Electrical cleaner is enough to remove internal dust or dirt buildup.

    Regularly lubricate your window regulator.

    The movement of your Jeep Grand Cherokee window motor is transmitted through the window regulator. This is the actual mechanism that makes the window glass move. Over time, dust and moisture can make the window regulator work roughly. When this happens, your window motor works harder than it should. To avoid such issue, lubricate your window regulator with white grease.

    Mind your window's weatherstripping.

    Your door panel is protected by the rubber material where the window glass passes through. This rubber part is called the weatherstrip. It protects the inside of your door panel from rainfall and dust. Over time, the weatherstripping in your vehicle wears out and allows contaminants to enter. When this happens, your window motor becomes vulnerable to rusting. With this, regularly check your window's weatherstripping and have it replaced if necessary.

    Be careful with operating your window switch.

    Operating the switch can be too trivial to the point where you press the buttons too much. There may come a time when the buttons get stuck to the pressed position. When this happens, the motor would continue to work even though the window is already opened or closed. This would damage your Jeep Grand Cherokee window motor because of overworking.