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Jeep Liberty Side Marker Lights

Troubleshooting Tips for Jeep Liberty Side Marker Light Problems

Jeep Liberty owners tend to notice the side marker lights of their SUV only when its stops working properly and they're pulled over by the police because of it. Jeep Liberty side marker lights are highly durable and rarely cause any problems, but when they do fail they can make the vehicle less visible on the road, thereby increasing its risk of being involved in a traffic accident. The following are some of the usual problems of side marker lights for the Jeep Liberty SUV and how you can troubleshoot them.

The side marker lights aren't working

If the Jeep Liberty's tail lights are on but its side marker lights remain dark, it could be due to a variety of problems. First, check the side marker fuse inside the fuse panel underneath the steering wheel and replace it if it has burnt out. However, f the fuse is still in good condition or if the light still won't turn on after the fuse has been replaced, the problem might be with the side marker light bulb. Detach the side marker light assembly from the side of the Jeep, remove the seals from the plastic light cover, and pull out the electrical wiring connectors. Remove the side marker bulb and check the condition of the filament. If the bulb has burnt out, replace it with a new one. Make sure to hold the replacement bulb with a clean piece of cloth, as oils in your finger can stick onto the surface of the bulb and shorten its service life.

Dim side marker lights

On the other hand, if the side marker lights do turn on but it is dimmer than normal, it could due to a bad ground. The side marker light bulb's filament tends to ground through the parking light, resulting in the dim glow. Check the side marker light socket first for dirt or damage and clean, repair, or replace it if necessary. If the socket appears to be fine, trace the ground wire and check for cuts in the connection.

Flickering lights

There have also been cases of the side marker lights turning off and on in rapid succession, particularly after a fender bender. This is often due to either a malfunctioning side marker light relay or damaged or grounded electrical connections. Check the relay and replace it if necessary and, if the flickering persists, check the wiring as well for corrosion, overheating, or grounding.

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  • Quick and Simple Jeep Liberty Side Marker Light Maintenance Tips

    Side marker lights are often among the last things most Jeep Liberty owners have on their minds when it comes to maintenance. But just like other the parts of the Liberty SUV, the side marker lights do require maintenance from time to time to help ensure a long service life. The following are a few simple but effective maintenance tips for Jeep Liberty side marker lights.

    Regularly check for cracks on the lens.

    Aside from a fender bender, cracks on the side marker lights can also be caused by severe UV degradation from prolonged exposure to sunlight as well as improper installation of the side marker lens and housing. Also, even minor hairline cracks can grow bigger over time and cause the lens to break apart. So make sure to check the lens regularly, monitor any microscopic cracks, and replace severely damaged lenses if necessary.

    Don't handle the bulb with your bare hands.

    Whether you're replacing the side marker light bulb or simply re-installing an old one back to its socket, make sure not to touch the bulb with your bare hands. This is because the natural oils in your hands can stick on the glass surface of the bulb, creating a hot spot where heat from the filament can accumulate and shorten the bulb's service life. Instead, handle the bulb with a clean piece of cloth.

    Wipe off excess condensation inside the housing.

    Due to differences in temperature inside and outside the side marker light housing, condensation might start to develop in the form of tiny droplets inside the wall of the side market light lens. Usually these droplets evaporate once the temperature inside the lamp rises (either from sunlight or the light being turned on), but in very humid conditions the droplets may remain and actually build up into a small pool at bottom of the housing. And if this is not removed, the water can damage the bulb, short out the socket, and cause the metal parts of the side marker light assembly to rust. So if you notice that there's a significantly large amount of water inside your Jeep Liberty's side marker lights, pop the housing out and wipe the lens free of condensation. We also recommend spraying the inner walls of the lens with alcohol as well to prevent against the growth of mold and mildew.