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Jeep Wrangler Window Handle

Main Causes of a Broken Jeep Wrangler Window Handle

It isn't unusual for an adventurous vehicle like the Jeep Wrangler to have its parts break or fail. The exterior, frame, and suspension are among the most vulnerable as these take a large amount of abuse when the Jeep is driven for wild outdoor treks. However, it's a little surprising if an interior accessory like the window handles come off. If you find that the ones on your Wrangler suddenly need replacement, it's usually caused by various factors that could've been avoided in the first place. Here are some of the main causes for broken window handles:

The handles easily fall away from the door panel.

Handles fall off the inner door panel due to different factors such as when these are over cranked or when the doors are slammed. Mechanically speaking, this happens because of a missing or broken retaining clip. This small plastic clip is the only item that holds the handle the door and the components responsible for raising and lowering the window together. Sometimes, you can get this small clip serviced for a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole handle.

The handle's angle is awkward when window is closed.

When your windows are fully closed, the handles assume and constantly stay at a certain angle. It's preferable that any part of your leg closest to the door doesn't hit the cranks when it's in this position. If it does, not only would this be uncomfortable for you and your passengers, it also puts too much stress on the handles. All this is caused by the same clip mentioned beforehand. You can adjust and turn this around to reconfigure the angle the cranks are at when the windows are fully closed.

The window is hard to raise and lower.

Manual windows need handles so that the glasses can be raised and lowered. If doing this is unusually difficult, you are prone to using too much force to crank the assemblies. This could result to breaking any of the handles. Dirty and ungreased assemblies are to blame for this. Also, cold weather usually makes adjusting the windows' height harder.

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  • Keeping Jeep Wrangler Window Handles in One Piece

    The window handles of a Jeep Wrangler are minor accessories in the vehicle that help you adjust the height of the windows. On any other car, you normally shouldn't worry about their condition. The ones on the Wrangler however seem to be more vulnerable to failure compared to those on other vehicles. The good news is that as an owner and user of the Jeep, there are some things you can do to make sure that its handles stay in one piece. Follow these simple tips and these should last for a very long time.

    Gently close the door.

    Problems on the Jeep's window handles usually involve ones that suddenly fall from the assembly when the door is closed. Because of the weak clips that hold these to the door, even a small amount of extra force can rattle and break these linkages. This type of problem can be avoided by being gentle on the doors whenever you close them. Don't show off your Herculean strength or let your inner Hulk loose by slamming these. If you continue to use too much force, you'll end with a Jeep Wrangler that's similar to many other units because all these have detached window handles.

    Keep it away from the legs.

    The window handles attached to the inner door panels are awkwardly placed near the driver's or passengers' thigh and knee. As an effect, there's always a tendency to rest one's leg towards the door panel and lean on the handles. Placing this kind of unnecessary pressure stresses the handles and makes them weaker. Try to be conscious and remind anybody riding the Jeep to keep their legs far from these as much as possible.

    Clean and lubricate the other parts of the window.

    A window that's difficult to raise and lower is caused by dirty parts and mechanisms. Such an assembly requires more cranking effort on the handle. If you always need to push the handles excessively, there will come a time when it eventually breaks and snaps. Remember to clean the internal parts of the window assemblies and lubricate components like gears and runners to ensure that the glass panes glide smoothly. The effect is decreased force needed to crank the handles.