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Shock Absorber by KYB

KYB Shock Absorber: The Battle between the Mono-tube and Twin-Tube Designs

Choosing a shock absorber for your vehicle may sound daunting, especially with the different types and brands out there. You heard about the KYB shock absorber and wonder if it's any good for your vehicle. Put the guessing game to rest-here's the lowdown on the KYB shock absorber to help you make a decision:

KYB mono-tube shock absorber

  • What makes them remarkable: A mono-tube shock absorber like this one from KYB has a single cylinder that is divided into sections. With its large cylinder diameter and dual pistons, this shock absorber provides a sportier and more aggressive handling. Moreover, it dissipates heat better than a twin-tube does. Grueling drives become a lot more comfortable with this type of shock absorber installed. It also boosts steering response, thanks to the stiffer damping.

  • Where they fit: The KYB mono-tube shock absorber offers stiffer damping. Because of that, this shock absorber is best suited for vehicles used in street racing and off-road applications. You can still install this shock absorber on a vehicle that's equipped with a twin-tube unit. However, the added length and range of a mono-tube can make mounting it a challenge.

KYB twin-tube shock absorber

  • What makes it remarkable: This shock absorber features two tubes and valves that work together for superior bump and rebound control. Although shocks are prone to dents on the housing, this type doesn't become damaged too easily, thanks to the installation of an inner cylinder. A popular choice among many drivers, the KYB twin-tube shock absorber is a cost effective replacement that offers great control and handling on your vehicle. In case this shock absorber has worn out, you can easily repair it or find inexpensive replacement parts. Installed on most vehicles, this shock absorber offers a comfortable ride. Moreover, it reduces sway (when making sharp turns into corners), body roll, and dipping (during hard brakes and forceful acceleration). Since it is designed for a comfortable ride, this shock absorber could overheat when used for off-road applications.

  • Where they fit: The twin-tube shock absorbers are perfect for small cars, mid-sized SUVs, and pickup trucks.

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KYB Shock Absorber Articles

  • The Lowdown on a KYB Shock Absorber

    The KYB shock absorber earned a reputation for being one of the best shock absorbers in the market. For those who are into street racing and off-road driving, the mono-tube KYB shock absorber often comes out as one of the top choices. Why, you ask? Check out the ratings below to find out if a KYB shock absorber can dramatically improve your ride:

    How well does it perform? (5/5 stars)

    Best installed on four-wheel drives, sport SUVs, and hot trucks, this shock absorber offers firmer and sportier handling. Even gruesome off-road drives become comfortable with this shock absorber installed. You will immediately notice the difference in vehicle performance right after installation-it gets rid of the bobbing up and down motion, making any vehicle feel like new. Checking on tire wear, after a while, reveals no cupped patterns. This mono-tube shock absorber is rated five out of five stars for its outstanding performance.

    Is it easy to install? (4/5 stars)

    Installing this mono-tube shock absorber was a breeze. Even when mounted upside down, this part fits in perfectly. It might be good to know, however, that this shock absorber requires compression, so factor that in on your installation time.

    Since a mono-tube shock absorber is longer and wider, it can be difficult to mount on a vehicle that is equipped with a twin-tube shock absorber. It also has no outer buffer that protects it from dents and other damage. However, you shouldn't have any problem installing this for vehicles made for street performance and off-road applications. Because of its relatively easy installation, this shock absorber is rated four out of five stars.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5 stars)

    Performance should always be the top priority when buying shock absorbers like this one from KYB. Priced a little under $500, this part is a good investment. It's more expensive compared to the twin-tube version, but it will be worth every single dollar you shell out. With its superior sporty handling and better ride control, you can't go wrong in choosing this mono-tube shock absorber. For those reasons, this shock absorber is given four out of five stars.

    Overall rating: 4/5