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Land Rover A/C Condenser

If the air-conditioning in your big powerful vehicle has gotten rather weak and wimpy, producing lukewarm air instead of cold, perhaps the Land Rover AC condenser needs attention. This component is an important one in the air-conditioning system, responsible for removing the heat that has collected in the refrigerant as it cools the air of the cabin. The Land Rover AC condenser is mounted between the radiator and the grille of the vehicle, using the air from the motion of the vehicle, along with that generated by the fan, to disperse the heat as the refrigerant passes through a tube that works its way through a network of tiny cooling fins. As the refrigerant emerges at the end of this journey, it has become cold again, and ready to travel along its path back to the evaporator to cool the cabin again. The position of the Land Rover AC condenser is perfect for its function, with plenty of ventilation to help it do its job well, but also leaves it vulnerable to damage. The Land Rover AC condenser can be damaged by rocks and debris entering through the grille openings, or by the moisture that is swept in as the vehicle moves through rain or snow. The areas weakened by such damage can break down under the pressure of the refrigerant moving through the system causing a breach that allows the refrigerant to escape, leaving less and less to condition your cabin air to make your ride cool and comfortable. If you need a replacement for your leaky Land Rover AC condenser, we carry a quality selection at great prices in our online catalog. We have expert customer service that will make ordering your Land Rover AC Condenser quick and convenient.