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Land Rover Axle Assembly

A crucial part of your vehicle's suspension system, the Land Rover axle assembly consists of an axle shaft, CV (constant velocity) joints, CV boots, and sometimes a U-joint. The job of the Land Rover axle assembly is to send rotational force from the transmission to the wheelsin other words, to make your wheels spin. Though the Land Rover axle assembly has a tough job to do, it is a surprisingly delicate system. The CV joints of the Land Rover axle assembly are carefully greased and packed, and the CV boot, which is the rubber gasket that protects the joint, must be tough and seamless to protect the joint. If contaminants enter the CV joints of your Land Rover axle assembly, the joints will quickly become damaged. It is possible to flush and re-pack the lubrication that surrounds the CV joint, and fit the joint with a new CV boot. However, this process is quite messy and fails more often than it works. Most of the time, you would be better off replacing the entire Land Rover axle assembly, which will provide you with brand new sealed CV joints. You can sometimes determine whether your Land Rover axle assembly has been damaged or the CV boot has been compromised if your vehicle makes grinding noises, especially when you turn. The Land Rover axle assembly is especially important for your front or four-wheel-drive Land Rover SUV, as it bears the weight of your vehicle. Even if you do not yet hear grinding noises, if a visual inspection of your Land Rover axle assembly turns up cracks or leaks in the CV boots, the damage has probably already been done to the joint and you should replace your Land Rover axle assembly.