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Land Rover Brake Pad Set

Your Land Rover brake pads are under a lot of stress. The Land Rover brake pads float on top of your brake calipers. When you depress your brake pedal, the calipers hold the Land Rover brake pads against the brake discs or rotors, which creates the necessary friction to bring your vehicle to a controlled and safe stop. Land Rover brake pads consist of a thick, solid granulate lining that is bonded to a metal backing plate with either glue or rivets. The lining of your Land Rover brake pad can be made with a variety of materials. Some Land Rover brake pad linings consist of metallic and semi-metallic powdered metal such as copper or bronze. Others are made with non-metallic, organic resins and fillers. Metallic Land Rover brake pad linings tend to last longer, as they do not wear down as fast, but they are more abrasive to your rotors. Land Rover brake pads made with organic linings must be replaced more often, but do not damage your rotors. The choice between metallic and organic Land Rover brake pad linings should depend on your vehicle usage. Performance vehicles or other vehicles that need to rely on precise stopping power may choose the more powerful metallic Land Rover brake pad linings, while vehicles meant for more casual use can make use of the softer organic brake pads to save rotor wear. In any event, your Land Rover brake pads should be checked regularly and replaced when the lining is worn to between a quarter and an eighth of an inch thickness. When you browse our extensive online catalogue, you will find a wide selection of Land Rover brake pads that are designed to fit your vehicle's make and model as well as your personal braking needs.

Land Rover Brake Pad Set Models