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Land Rover Bumper

You are probably aware that the long, curved pieces of metal or plastic and rubber mounted on either end of your vehicle are your Land Rover bumpers. However, did you know that Land Rover bumpers are actually as carefully designed as the precision components of your engine? All Land Rover bumpers have been bent and formed into specific shapes, enabling them to absorb some of the momentum of a collision and keep you and your passengers safer. Your Land Rover bumpers are actually more than they appear. Land Rover bumpers contain a series of valves and hydraulic or air chambers to assist in absorbing impact energy. Some Land Rover bumpers are equipped with built-in crumple zones that further decrease the potential for injury during a collision. Land Rover bumpers are subject to rust if they are made of metal; when it comes to molded plastic and rubber Land Rover bumpers, over time the rubber components can corrode. If your Land Rover bumpers are damaged, bent, or completely detached from your vehicle due to rust, do not think it is okay to go without them for long. Land Rover bumpers are an important safety feature that should be maintained and cared for just as diligently as the rest of your vehicle. When you need a replacement Land Rover bumper, you will find the part you need in our vast online catalogue when you search for your vehicle's make and model. We will ship your Land Rover bumper right to your door, so you can restore the peace of mind that comes with a solid, damage-free Land Rover bumper.